The children and I love this wonderful story of being different than the cultural norm and making the most of what life offers you. In Giraluna by Eduardo Gudiño Kieffer, you can read all about this little sunflower who doesn’t do things in the normal fashion and ends up being loved and understanding her purpose in the end. You can purchase this book from
Giraluna (Spanish Edition)

You’ll find additional suggestions for great read aloud books in Spanish to share with your favorite people on my growing list by clicking on my Book Recommendations.

While visiting Stephen Krashen’s website last week, I stumbled across a free eBook he is offering titled Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition.I love Krashen’s work, so I downloaded the Acrobat version, printed it out and curled up next to the fire to read and learn.

Happily, reading this text helped me refocus my efforts as I teach my own family Spanish. I am once again investing additional time in presenting comprehensible input in Spanish throughout the day. It is so easy to give directions or make comments about our activities in Spanish. I also dug out some of my favorite Spanish picture books and began reading with the kids in Spanish more frequently. They love it and I am always amazed at how much language they acquire through reading aloud together. I also expand my vocabulary with this technique.
Additionally, I am more aware than ever of the Affective Filter. My son in particular is quick to put up his filter and I have to be continually aware of this fact. I even theorize that his filter is active and prevents acquisition/understanding in other subjects as well. We are testing out several methods to lower his filter when it is preventing his enjoyment of educational opportunities! Mostly, recognizing that the filter is a problem helps me, the teacher, look for ways to do something fun and lighthearted to take the emphasis off of effort and struggle and put the laughter back into our classroom. In my experience, putting a smile on his face is the surest way to dissolve his filter at any given moment.
I love to give educational gifts of enduring value. My favorite gifts for children are music CDs and quality books.
This year, you can give the gift of music, education, language development and fun with the Mi guitarrí: Spanish Songs for Kids CD. The lyrics are found within the full color liner notes and all the songs are 100% Spanish. Order your physical copy today from our own secure website at www.Miguitarrí.com.
Happy Holidays from all of us!
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“The Calico Spanish curriculum is amazing! Truly this is following the best practice methodology for teaching languages! I can’t wait to get started using it in my classroom!”

Here at Kids Immersion, LLC, we are thrilled that teachers thoroughly appreciate Calico Spanish because it provides tools, resources and extensive guidance that allow teachers to implement The Natural Approach* to language learning in their classrooms. Teaching Spanish with great visual aids and using Spanish to communicate messages kids can comprehend allows students to acquire Spanish naturally and quickly.
Check out our samples and see for yourself that Calico Spanish is the right choice for your students!

*See The Natural Approach: Language Acquisition in the Classroom by Stephen Krashen and Tracy Terrell. Copyright Prentice Hall Europe. First published in 1983.

Have you ever been caught in a rainstorm?Did the drops hit you one by one, or did you get wet quickly?

Here’s a song that catches you up in the rain as you learn to count by tens in Spanish. In Spanish we say, “Counting by Tens” as “Contar de diez en diez.”
Our song from the CD Mi guitarrí: Spanish Songs for Kids is called “Gotas de diez en diez.” The English translation of the lyrics would be: Today, I see the sky and it’s going to rain. Now I see the drops, falling and falling. Ten, twenty, thirty, etc.
The melody is catchy and your students will love to practice counting by tens as they try not to get wet!

Finally, a new action packed color song is available from Calico Spanish on our CD: Mi guitarrí: Spanish Songs for Kids! This song is taken from a traditional German folksong. We modified it slightly to make it our own and to give children everywhere a chance to laugh and learn their colors in Spanish.

The songs starts with the color green, which the singer loves because his/her father works in a forest. The song continues through the colors with each color corresponding to another career.

Get into the groove with this fun-filled color song. Move from green to red, blue, black, white, orange, yellow and colorful.

Purchase a copy at our Music Resources website: