I love to give educational gifts of enduring value. My favorite gifts for children are music CDs and quality books.
This year, you can give the gift of music, education, language development and fun with the Mi guitarrĂ­: Spanish Songs for Kids CD. The lyrics are found within the full color liner notes and all the songs are 100% Spanish. Order your physical copy today from our own secure website at www.MiguitarrĂ­.com.
Happy Holidays from all of us!
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“The Calico Spanish curriculum is amazing! Truly this is following the best practice methodology for teaching languages! I can’t wait to get started using it in my classroom!”

Here at Kids Immersion, LLC, we are thrilled that teachers thoroughly appreciate Calico Spanish because it provides tools, resources and extensive guidance that allow teachers to implement The Natural Approach* to language learning in their classrooms. Teaching Spanish with great visual aids and using Spanish to communicate messages kids can comprehend allows students to acquire Spanish naturally and quickly.
Check out our samples and see for yourself that Calico Spanish is the right choice for your students!

*See The Natural Approach: Language Acquisition in the Classroom by Stephen Krashen and Tracy Terrell. Copyright Prentice Hall Europe. First published in 1983.