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Hola a todos

Start your Spanish classes off with this cheerful greeting song! Singing along will get students energized and ready to start learning! "Hola a todos" is a perfect class warm-up for Spanish students of all ages.

La granja

Use this rhythmic farm song to introduce new vocabulary. Have your students sing and and make animals sounds along with the video. Then, choose individual students or student groups to pretend to be each type of animal.


Teach students the names of breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods in Spanish using this colorful video! Students will learn the Spanish names of familiar foods, as well as several traditional Mexican dishes! Clear vocals, on-screen text, and a catchy rhythm help students remember new vocabulary!

¡Colores, colores!

Make learning colors an interactive experience for your students by having them guess what color will come next in the video.


This song introduces the concept of breaking words into syllables as a Spanish reading strategy. Plus, kids love the way singer Joel Valle speeds up with repeated verses! This fun song will have your students dancing and laughing.

¡Cuenten conmigo!

This memorable song teaches students to count to ten in a fun and interactive way! Students count on ten fingers, then clap and jump ten times along with the song. Clear vocals, on-screen text, and colorful illustrations ensure that students quickly acquire new vocabulary and phrases.

¿De dónde eres tú?

Learn to ask, "Where are you from?" in Spanish with this rhythmic video. Students will quickly learn to ask and state the where someone is from while also learning the names of a few Spanish speaking countries!

¿Cómo te llamas?

Practice introductions in Spanish with this fun video. Students will learn how to ask and state their name when meeting someone their own age (informal). Clear vocals and on screen text ensure students quickly acquire the phrases.

¿Cuántos años tienes?

This video teaches students to ask, "How old are you?" in Spanish. Students also learn to reply appropriately.

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