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Hola a todos

Start your Spanish classes off with this cheerful greeting song! "Hola a todos" is a perfect class warm-up for Spanish students of all ages.

La granja

Use this rhythmic farm song to introduce new vocabulary. Have your students sing and and make animals sounds along with the video.


Teach students the names of breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods in Spanish using this colorful video! Students will learn the Spanish names of familiar foods, as well as several traditional Mexican dishes!

Caballito blanco

This is "Caballito Blanco" - a traditional Spanish poem and song - put to our original music in order to give you a fun, authentic resource to use with your students and kids.

Pobre perrito

What happens to the little dog when he plays in the road? This video is a great way to open a discussion amongst your elementary Spanish students about safety and feelings.

Las vocales

Emphasize correct vowel production with this cute, easily memorized tune.

Dos monitos

Based on a traditional poem, these two little monkeys chatter at Auntie all day long. Simple lyrics allow you to easily introduce poetry in Spanish to your students. Visual cues assure comprehension.

¡Elefantes grandes!

This a a fun, silly song set to our original music to help your students learn new vocabulary in Spanish. Get your students up and jumping along with the elephants for a fun, effective brain-break activity.

Meses del año

This song teaches students the names of the months of the year.

¡Señor Reloj!

Use this fun, original transition song to help your students move from one activity to another while keeping them interested and focused on the lesson.

¡Colores, colores!

Make learning colors an interactive experience for your students by having them guess what color will come next in the video.


This song introduces the concept of breaking words into syllables as a Spanish reading strategy. Plus, kids love the way singer Joel Valle speeds up with repeated verses!

¡Cuenten conmigo!

This memorable song teaches students to count to ten in a fun and interactive way! Students count on ten fingers, then clap and jump ten times along with the song.

Traigan sus pies

This song is a great way to practice some action verbs while highlighting various body parts in Spanish. Get your students up and moving as you sing along.


Use this great "goodbye song" to establish routines in your classroom. The gentle melody and captivating images are perfect to help students wind down and reflect on a day of Spanish learning activities.

Vengan ya

Help your students learn key action phrases with this catchy tune. Through the use of the repeating phrase, "Vengan ya," students learn how to express basic verbs in Spanish.

Rima de chocolate

Preparing a cup of hot chocolate? Chant this traditional rhyme while you stir the hot cocoa.

Gotas de diez en diez

This fun and memorable song helps students practice counting in Spanish!


This interactive song helps students practice counting to five. While singing the song, children can use the tapping of their fingers to create a rainstorm!

Las estaciones

The Seasons of the Year Spanish weather song for children.

¿De dónde eres tú?

Learn to ask, "Where are you from?" in Spanish with this rhythmic video. Students will quickly learn to ask and state the where someone is from while also learning the names of a few Spanish speaking countries!

¿Cómo te llamas?

Practice introductions in Spanish with this fun video. Students will learn how to ask and state their name when meeting someone their own age (informal).

¿Cuántos años tienes?

This video teaches students to ask, "How old are you?" in Spanish. Students also learn to reply appropriately.

¡A la víbora de la mar!

This authentic traditional Spanish activity song is a great way to get your kids moving and interacting with one another.

Mi guitarrí

Play musical chairs with this traditional song. Get your learners moving!

¡El alfabeto!

This is a simple, memorable alphabet song that your students will love! This song incorporates all the changes the Real Academia Española made in 2010 to the Spanish alphabet.

¡A limpiar!

This catchy song will make kids look forward to clean-up time! Clear vocals, colorful illustrations, and on-screen text ensure that students quickly acquire the phrases.

La semana

This easy-to-learn song teaches students the names of the days of the week in Spanish.

Dame un abrazo

Saying goodbye, can be difficult, especially when you've been enjoying time with dear friends. This traditional poem - a Spanish "despedida," or farewell - makes it a little easier to leave as you give your friends one last hug.

Amiguito baila conmigo

Your Spanish learners will enjoy this simple but fun poem set to music.

Todo mi cuerpo

Help kids learn how to talk about parts of the body and activities in Spanish.

Concentration Game

Concentration games match text to images for colors, emotions, numbers, and more. Set your level for complexity. Track your progress with the timer. Hear the Spanish audio for successful matches.

Drag and Drop - La semana

Drag and drop the days of the week in the correct order.

Memoria! (Last 6 Months)

Flip the cards over and memorize their location in order to pair them with the matching card.

Hotspots - Café

Find the items that are café.

Hotspots - Búsqueda

Find the items that are azul.

Fill in the Blanks - Lluvia

Fill in the blanks to the song "Lluvia".

What's the order? Days of the Week

Put the cards in order to show the days of the week in Spanish.

What's the order? Greeting Dialogue

Put the cards in order to show a dialogue you can use to greet someone, find out their name, and say goodbye in Spanish.

Memoria! (First 6 Months)

Flip the cards over and memorize their location in order to pair them with the matching card.

What's the order? Months of the Year

Put the cards in order to show the months of the year in Spanish.

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