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Elementary Spanish program

Make learning fun

The Calico Spanish characters engage children in the ways they learn best; stories, songs, and play.

Spanish for Elementary School

Bite-sized chunks

Lesson vocabularly is introduced in small chunks throughout the lessons, so it’s easy to remember.

Teaching Elementary Spanish

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Spanish Homeschool Curriculum

They'll love to sing it...

...and love to speak it! Our Music Videos work alongside the lessons to help aid comprehension.

Spanish Curriculum for Kids

Cultural insights

Our Culture Capsules introduce children to the Spanish-speaking cultures.

Spanish Body Parts Song

Simplified teaching

Work through the daily lesson plans with all the material at the click of a mouse, whenever you need it.

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Spanish listening activities

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Preschool Spanish activities

Reproducable Student activity sheets to aid comprehension

Teaching Preschool Spanish

Digital and printable flash card sets for each level

Elementary Spanish Teaching

Full size, printable classroom posters of words and phrases

Games to learn Spanish

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What will they learn?

Level A: I Am Special
Level B: I Love My Family
Level C: I Live Here
Level D: Welcome to the Farm

By the end of Level A, children will be able to complete the following tasks in Spanish:

  • I can describe something as blue or yellow.
  • I can identify a monkey or a fish.
  • I can identify the number of objects in a group up to three.
  • I can begin to identify the days of the week.
  • I can describe the size of something as big or small.
  • I can greet someone, answer basic questions, and give  information about myself, including:
    • my name
    • my age
    • how I am doing
    • what I am like and
    • what I like to do.

By the end of Level B, in addition to everything they learned in Level A, children will be able to complete the following tasks in Spanish:

  • I can begin to talk about the months of the year.
  • I can describe the color of something as brown, black, or white.
  • I can talk about the number of objects in a group, up to six.
  • I can identify a dog, cat, or rabbit.
  • I can tell someone, “I love you.”
  • I can ask and answer the question “How many?”
  • I can ask simple questions to discover what people like.
  • I can talk about my pets.
  • I can react to something I think is cool.
  • I can answer basic questions and give information about my family, including:
    • family words
    • names
    • pets
    • what people are like
    • what others like to do

By the end of Level C, in addition to everything they learned in Level A and Level B, children will be able to complete the following tasks in Spanish:

  • I can welcome someone to my house.
  • I can describe the color of something green, gray, or red.
  • I can identify a frog or a mouse.
  • I can politely ask for something to eat or drink.
  • I can talk about whether I want or need something.
  • I can say that I’m hungry or thirsty.
  • I can mention some foods and drinks I like or don’t like.
  • I can talk about how I feel.
  • I can mention something someone has to do.
  • I can say whether I want or don’t want to do something.
  • I can mention some things that people do during the day.
  • I can categorize something as a person, place, or thing.
  • I can answer questions and give information about my home and routine, including:
    • making references to time (what time of day it is, what time it is, at what time I do something, that it is time to do something)
    • describing what my house is like
    • talking about some foods and drinks I like or don’t like
    • telling how I feel
    • expressing that I need, want, or have to do something related to my daily activities
    • talking about my daily activities
    • describing where an object is located

By the end of Level D, in addition to everything they learned in Levels A-C, children will be able to complete the following tasks in Spanish:

  • I can count objects up to one hundred.
  • I can use debes to suggest to someone what they should do.
  • I can map the monarch butterfly migration.
  • I can say whether something is close or far, north or south, left or right.
  • I can say that I go, stay at, and return to a place.
  • I can talk about farm animals and the sounds they make.
  • I can use phrases including vocabulary for parts of the body to tell someone how I feel and if something hurts.
  • I can use some frequency words and phrases to tell someone how often something happens.
  • I can talk about what I eat for different meals.
  • I can use connecting words to put a story in order.
  • I can answer questions and give information about activities outside in various types of weather:
    • describing the weather
    • talking about the seasons
    • talking about what someone is going to do
    • talking about what clothes I need for particular weather

About Calico Spanish

Calico Spanish was founded in 2007, from a need to find a quality language learning program for use in the classroom and homeschool environments. Our curriculum was developed by a nationally recognized world languages specialist with over 20 years' experience working with language learners.

Children are natural language learners, but they need appropriate lessons designed specifically to engage young learners, hold their interest, and truly teach them Spanish. At Calico Spanish, we design everything for children to learn Spanish starting immediately and retain their Spanish skills for life.

Stories and music have been a means of learning for millenia. So we thought, why not use those same amazingly effective tools in the modern day? Have fun with our stories and music and learn Spanish at the same time. Easy lessons. Daily, bite-sized Spanish learning. So fun. So effective. And most of all, so very exciting when you hear your children speaking Spanish.

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