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 Learning Spanish is a lifelong journey.

If only there was a map. And a tour guide would be nice, too!

Enter Calico Spanish!

“Best program on the market”- Sharie

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  • We provide the step-by-step pathway so kids truly learn to speak real Spanish.
  • We prepare kids to talk to real people … in real life … in Spanish.
  • With Calico Spanish, kids will remember and be ready to use what they learn.

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“Kids love the characters and the songs” - Jaron

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Calico Spanish Stories and Music Videos have been viewed over 14 million times on YouTube alone. Why?


They are effective.

Kids love the experience.

Parents and Teachers love the results.

Start learning immediately with Calico Spanish and have Spanish skills for life.

Or use a product that teaches vocabulary words instead of real language skills and never speak Spanish.

Which path will you choose?

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About Calico Spanish

Kids are natural language learners, but they need appropriate lessons designed specifically to engage young learners, hold their interest, and truly teach them Spanish. At Calico Spanish, we design everything for children to learn Spanish starting immediately and retain their Spanish skills for life.

Stories and music have been the means of learning for millennia. Why not use those same amazingly effective tools in the modern day? Have fun with our stories and music and learn Spanish at the same time.

Easy lessons. Daily, bite-sized Spanish learning. So fun. So effective. And most of all, so very exciting when you hear kids speaking Spanish.

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