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When you log in to your subscription for Stories, you have access to more than 360 step-by-step lesson plans that help you lead children on their journey to speak real Spanish to real people.


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With your free trial, you'll have 7 days of access to two units in all four levels, so you'll get an overview of where this journey will take the young Spanish learners in your life.



Here's a taste of what you'll see...

Here's a Video Story that will help children learn to talk about pets. It's in Level B, Unit 7.



All the lesson plans for Level B, Unit 7 are available to you in your 7-day free trial. Try them out with a child you love!

How much Spanish will your young learners be able to use?

Check out this conversation activity based on a dialogue in Level D, Unit 7:



Here's another sample of the material
you'll see as children progress through Stories.

They'll complete this Activity Sheet in that same unit, Level D, Unit 7:



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