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Need help with one of our features, want to know how to upgrade your membership or just looking for more information about Stories? Take a look through our questions and answers below. Don't see an answer to your question below? Contact us and we'll get back to you.

What's included in a Stories subscription?

With your subscription, you get unlimited access to all of the Level A, Level B, Level C and Level D teaching resources. You can explore everything during your Free Trial.

Subscriptions include:
32 Video-Stories
30+ Music Videos
24 Dialogue Videos
15 Storybooks in a video, read-aloud format
Online learning games

You'll also have access to printable copies of:
Song Lyrics

What can you do with a teacher subscription?

With every teacher subscription, a teacher is able to stream lessons through Zoom, Meets, etc., as well as download and share any of the curriculum PDFs (Activity Sheets, posters, flashcards, and so on) through your private learning management system, like Schoology or Google Classroom.

Teachers cannot 1) share material publicly such as on the school's public website, nor 2) download or embed the program videos anywhere.

What about student logins?

Because Calico Spanish Stories is designed to be used by a guide (teacher/parent) with learners, and to protect children's privacy, we don't offer student logins. The full online curriculum with its lesson plans is only accessible with the purchasing teacher's login. To support remote / distance learning, see the options we've developed to support those learners here.

What grade matches what level?

The Stories curriculum Levels are not really about what grade the child is in, but rather how much Spanish they have. So, children with no Spanish background should begin in Level A. To see what Level your learners are ready for, try our 3-step Placement Tool.

Our program is designed to engage children from preschool through 5th grade. As they move through the levels, they will be able to use more complex language on more topics. Check out the first full lesson free at this page, where you can also sign up to explore 8 units for 7 days in our free trial.

Are there going to be more levels?

Stories Levels A-D take around 5 years to complete on a typical elementary schedule (about 60 minutes per week), but we understand many rockstar schools are giving their learners more Spanish time than that and will finish our program more quickly. For now, we are focused on ways we can make the current levels work harder for your learners so you don't have to, but we do have Level E, the final Level of Stories, on our radar. We could preview it for you, but then it would be even harder for you to wait to meet Esmeralda la elefanta and her friends who escape from the city zoo in Argentina and explore the city in their best day ever...

How many units are in each level of the program?

There are 8 units in each available level of the program. Each unit has 11-13 daily lessons. In total, you will find at least 93 days of learning in each level (Level A, Level B, Level C, and Level D.)

How many Video Stories are in each level?

There are eight unique Video Stories in each Level of Stories. Video Stories start at 3.5 minutes and increase to more than 8 minutes as students' language proficiency increases.

The Video Stories form the foundation of every unit, and students will focus on learning the Spanish presented in the dialogue portions of each video. Presenting the target vocabulary inside of a story leads students to naturally acquire the words and phrases used to set the scene. Thus, in every lesson, students will be learning everything listed in the Objectives section as well as supporting words and phrases.

Can I teach Stories without Spanish skills?


You do not need to have any knowledge of the Spanish language to use Stories. The entire program has been created with non-Spanish speakers in mind so that each lesson is easy to lead, as well as fun and effective for children. We provide video and audio tracks for every section of the program. You'll hear a variety of native speakers as you learn with your students.

If you already speak Spanish, you will also enjoy using the program.

Where can I find lyrics for the Music Videos?

When a Music Video is in a lesson plan, it includes easy access to a PDF of the song lyrics. You can also visit the Music Videos tab in Resources section of the member site. Song lyrics with translations for each song in a Level are included in the Appendix for that Level's Teacher's Guide (also in the Resources section under Teacher Materials).

How many Flashcards are there?

With a Full Access subscription, you are able to view online (and/or download and print) a set of flashcards from each level of the program.

Level A has 80 flashcards
Level B has 101 flashcards
Level C has 166 flashcards
Level D has 197 flashcards

The flashcards include single words, as well as phrases and concepts. The front side has an original image and word in Spanish. The backside has the English translation.

If you prefer, you can purchase full-color, UV-coated flashcards (sized 4in x 4in) with our Visual Packs.

How many Posters are there?

Each level includes six posters. You can view, download and print posters on demand with your paid subscription. Alternatively, you can purchase full-color, UV-coated poster sets (sized 11 in x 17 in) with our Visual Packs.

How many Storybooks are there?

Each Level has three or four accompanying Storybooks. The Storybooks supplement the Video Stories.

Your subscription to Stories includes videos of the Storybooks being read aloud by a native speaker.

Level A - I Am Special (3 Storybooks)
Level B - I Love My Family (4 Storybooks)
Level C - I Live Here (4 Storybooks)
Level D - Welcome to the Farm (4 Storybooks)

You can purchase full-color, soft-cover Storybooks with our Visual Packs.

Where can I buy the Student Activites Books?

If you're looking to order the print version of the learner Activities Book, click here to see affordable pricing on printed Activities Books from our printing partner, XanEdu.

How long is each lesson?

Each lesson in Stories is designed to take 20-30 minutes.

As your students gain language skills, the Video Stories increase in length and your students have the capacity to interact for longer periods of time with the lesson content.

Stories includes comprehensive lesson plans organized to give your students appropriate levels of repetition and practice. You can easily adapt lesson length to fit your schedule. For example, if you have longer class periods, you can combine activities from multiple days into your daily lessons.

Can I buy a DVD of the Video Stories?

No, we do not sell a DVD of the Video Stories. To view our Video Stories content, please purchase a Stories subscription from our store.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your Membership/subscription at any time. You will continue to have access to the program until your current billing period ends. We do not provide refunds or credits for any partially used membership periods. If you purchased your membership at a discount and cancel your subscription, you will not receive your original discount if you decide to re-purchase a membership at a later date.

To cancel your subscription:
Login and navigate to the My Account page.

Locate the Subscription line and click the "manage my account" button.

There you can cancel your subscription. By selecting "Cancel permanently," you will cancel any future payments. You will retain access to the program through the end of your current payment cycle.

If you need assistance with cancelling or pausing your membership, please email our support desk (support [at] CalicoSpanish [.] com) or give us a call at 888-375-8484.

Can I download and print the activities?

Stories includes a variety of printable Student Activities. Your subscription allows you to view and print copies of the Student Activities as well as dialogues, song lyrics, posters, and flash cards.

Please Note:
During your Free Trial, you are only allowed to download a select number of our printable PDFs.

When I try to print a PDF, some of the blocks print black. What's wrong here?

This is a common issue with trying to print some illustrated PDFs. Try using the free software Adobe Acrobat Reader, and this problem should go away.

What age of students does Stories serve?

All of the lessons in Stories are appropriate for children of any age, but our target audience is children in grades K-5. Stories can be used with younger children with adaptations.

We suggest you sign-up for the Free Trial and test out the free material to determine whether the material will suit your students' age and interest.

Can I share my subscription?

Sorry. You cannot share your subscription with a friend nor colleague. Each subscription is designed for use by one teacher and sharing your login credentials is a violation the our terms of use.

Each account can be accessed by up to 2 devices at the same time, and attempting to access your account from more than 2 devices at a time may result in access issues.

We would love to have your friends and colleagues try Calico Spanish by setting up their own Free Trial account.

If you want to set up a custom account for your students to access select resources from their digital devices, please contact our sales department at 888-375-8484.

How can I assess my students' progress?

The Student Activities worksheets are designed to assess how well your students have met the objectives of each unit. At the end of each unit, you'll see a section titled "What can your student do?" This section helps guide you through the target objectives and pause to ensure students have learned the intended skills.

Why am I having audio or video problems?

If you are unable to play any of our program videos, the most likely cause is that your network is blocking Vimeo, the platform where all of our videos are hosted. Try accessing the same video on a different network/computer, using your phone for example; if that works, the problem is definitely with your network's security and you should ask your network administrator to open access to Vimeo.

Occasionally, there are system upgrades that impact a users' ability to view the videos or hear the audio. If this happens to you, please don't hesitate to let us know. We will work with you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

How do I update my payment method?

You can update your payment method by following this guide.

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