How to update the payment method – Calico Spanish

Updating credit card’s data from your account

Explanation: To update your card information from the My Account page, all you need to do is to first add the 2nd card’s information and then delete your old card details.

  1. Go to the My Account page
  2. Click “My Membership”, then under Subscriptions, click “Manage Your Subscription”
  3. Click “Payment Methods”
  4. Click “Add payment method”
  5. Introduce your credit card details and click “Add payment method”
  6. Now you will be allowed to delete 1 of your payment methods. Locate the one you wish to delete and click “Delete”
  7. You will receive the confirmation message confirming the payment method was deleted.
  8. Now you need to click “Make default” on the button next to your newly added payment method
  9. You will receive your final confirmation message, you are now ready.

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