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With every teacher subscription, a teacher is able to stream lessons through Zoom, Meets, etc., as well as download and share any of the curriculum PDFs (Activity Sheets, posters, flashcards, and so on) through your private learning management system, like Schoology or Google Classroom.  Teachers cannot  1) share material publicly such as on the school's public website, nor 2) download or embed the program videos anywhere.

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Looking for student logins?
Because Calico Spanish Stories is designed to be used by a guide (teacher/parent) with learners, and to protect children's privacy, we don't offer student logins. The full online curriculum with its lesson plans is only accessible with the purchasing teacher's login. However, we've been working to develop several ways teachers can support learners in remote learning situations. Read on!

2. Using Google Classroom?

We've formatted the Activity Sheets already built into your Stories lesson plans to be uploaded into Google Classrooms as Slides. Simply purchase the download you need (an individual level or the bundle of all four levels), upload the files into your Google Drive, have Google convert them to Slides, and assign them to your learners.


Every purchase of Google Slides Activity Sheets includes the Calico Spanish Lesson Plan Template FREE- 14 fun Slides templates sized to work perfectly with our Activity Sheets in Google Classroom. Use them to create interactive lesson plans that your remote learners will love!


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3. Add School-to-Home Video Access to send Stories home.

Send Stories home! Now, your learners and their families can view ANY Stories video at home on your exclusive, password-protected page. Access includes Video Stories, Music Videos, Songs (MP3s), Dialogue Videos, and Storybook Videos.


When you purchase this product, our team sets up a specific page for your school's remote learning families. Learners and their caregivers can enter a simple password and view videos to boost their Spanish learning. Teachers can create effective virtual learning lesson plans by sharing links to specific videos, accessed with the same password.


Subscription pricing is by number of families accessing content, for a calendar year, starting at just $149 for access for up to 100 families.


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4. Interactive Games & Videos

Don't forget to share our Videos & Games page on your school webpage, in newsletters, on social media - wherever you communicate with your learners and fans! It's always free - free to use, free of logins or signups, free of external ads.


Play & Sing

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About Calico Spanish

Here’s the problem: Spanish for kids shouldn't be hard to find. Teachers need quality curriculum that helps their learners acquire Spanish in real classrooms in real situations, without the expensive hype, without the political demands for content that doesn’t work, with support across the spectrum of teachers’ Spanish ability, and with support for remote and virtual learning options.

Here’s the solution: Spanish is something we're so committed to, we put it in our name.

At Calico Spanish, we aren’t rocket science. We don’t develop for politicians. We are teachers and language learners ourselves, and since 2007, we've existed for one purpose: to provide teachers and children with quality Spanish learning experiences. Our online curriculum is developed to support teachers and their learners working together in person, the way children learn language best, but the digital format of Stories curriculum options uniquely supports learners in remote and virtual learning.

What is Calico Spanish Stories?

Simply the best program available to support anyone who teaches Spanish to children and needs online, virtual, and/or remote learning options.

  • Make learning fun: The Calico Spanish characters engage children in the ways they learn best; stories, songs, and play.
  • Bite-sized chunks: Lesson vocabulary is introduced in small chunks throughout the lessons, so it’s easy to remember.
  • Encourage conversation: Our videos show the characters speaking Spanish, encouraging young learners to try the phrases out, too! And School-to-Home Video Access subscriptions send the Spanish learning home for remote and distance learning.
  • Goal-based learning: An easy to follow curriculum with daily goals that allow you to track progress.
  • Put it into practice: We encourage children to use real Spanish with activities and games! Even our interactive online games have communicative goals for children learning Spanish at home in virtual and remote school situations.
  • They'll love to sing it... and love to speak it! Our Music Videos work alongside the lessons to help aid comprehension.
  • Cultural insights: Our Culture Capsules introduce children to the Spanish-speaking cultures.
  • Simplified teaching: Work through the daily lesson plans with all the material at the click of a mouse, whenever you need it. Remote and digital learning options offer key support for powerful distance learning lesson plans.

Online Spanish is fun and effective with the Stories curriculum, even in remote learning situations. Don't take it from us - read reviews from real people using our program.

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How does Stories work?

All online curriculum • Subscription model • Anyone can teach • Grades K-5

See our full range of pricing options.

  • Equips you with a fun, animated, 100% digital program.
    Download and print resources on demand, or purchase printed copies from our Learning Resources Shop. Share any PDF in your learning management system for powerful remote and distance Spanish learning.
  • Engages children with comprehensive, varied support materials. School-to-Home Video Access subscriptions also enable teachers to send links to Video Stories via any LMS to children in virtual and remote learning programs.
    (Don't miss our YouTube channel full of fun videos on Spanish for kids!)
  • Helps children build skills through scaffolded content.
  • Empowers teachers of any (or no) Spanish ability with native-speaker audio and step-by-step lesson plans. Use Google Classroom Activity Sheets (additional purchase) or an add-on School-to-Home Video Access subscription to rebuild lesson plans online for virtual learning.
  • Simplifies your search with transparent, affordable pricing. Start with full access for a teacher, and add remote learning options like Google Classroom Activity Sheets and School-to-Home Video Access as needed. Buy only the pieces you need.
  • Aligns with national language learning standards (ACTFL Standards here).

More on the Calico Spanish philosophy:

An effective all-encompassing curriculum integrates key elements in achievable chunks. Instead of overwhelming children with long vocabulary lists and grammar, Stories is filled with language connected in context - even in online learning. New concepts and vocabulary are presented in contextualized, bite-sized chunks such as a number, color, animal, actions, and verb phrases. These topics are reiterated throughout our games, songs, and activities to reinforce the language connections. Once these basics are acquired, it is possible to move on to even more complex ideas.

Stories enables you to to build students' comprehension skills and give them a love for Spanish language and culture that will motivate them to continue learning Spanish for years to come.

Calico Spanish gives instructors an incredible foundation for teaching Spanish to children. The curriculum was structured by teachers so that students have the opportunity to learn Spanish in an immersion environment.

Children absorb the language through observing gestures, visual aids, pantomime and demonstrations. They comprehend Spanish throughout various activities by using audio cues, visual aids and actions to stimulate their brains' language acquisition centers. Finally, they have the opportunity to naturally use Spanish as they engage in fun activities and sing along with our custom music resources.

Interactive lessons and sentence frames in conversation activities give each student opportunities to express unique ideas in Spanish. Students are equipped with solid, foundational Spanish skills that enable understanding of new concepts and vocabulary when presented using contextual cues and prior knowledge.

By making Spanish fun in an online curriculum, Calico Spanish helps kids get comfortable using their acquired language skills and respond with full sentences and independent ideas by the end of our Stories program. It is surprising how quickly children can learn Spanish, so set challenging goals to watch your students progress.

It is challenging for teachers to find time to develop interesting lesson plans that meet the diverse needs of their students, especially in remote learning situations. Calico Spanish makes lesson preparation quick and easy for teachers so they can focus on their learners, including building effective distance learning lessons if needed. Teachers are equipped with research-based strategies that are interwoven into over 200 hours of step-by-step lesson plans. Using proven methods of language acquisition, the lesson plans present topics in diverse ways so that visual, audio and kinesthetic learners can better understand, use and retain the language. With unique remote learning options like Google Classroom Activity Sheets and School-to-Home Video Access, it's easier than ever to build remote learning Spanish lesson plans that include comprehensible input and as much interaction with the target language as possible.

The lesson plans supply teachers with an array of options for introducing and reviewing concepts and vocabulary in Spanish. These different methods encompass all types of learners to create an environment where teaching and learning Spanish is enjoyable. Since children are discovering the language for themselves through vibrant visual aids, catchy music and TPR activities they better retain the language and actively want to use it. From the first presentation to the last targeted assessment, teachers are equipped to engage each of their students to make learning Spanish fun, even in distance learning and hybrid classes.

Calico Spanish provides everything you need to create your own Spanish immersion environment. With the quality music, visual aids and detailed plans you will enable your students to learn and communicate in Spanish. Calico Spanish is an incredible, enrichment program for providing elementary-aged children with the opportunity to become bilingual and biliterate and explore the cultures of the Spanish-speaking peoples, especially through our unique inquiry-based Culture Capsules.

The vibrant graphics set a cheerful tone that attracts eager learners in a digital learning environment. Furthermore, the custom visuals allow teachers to easily communicate new concepts, tie the components of the curriculum together, and help students make connections between written and vocalized words.

Calico Spanish is designed to make language learning an enjoyable experience, even with the challenges of remote learning with a Spanish curriculum. The primary goal of the early Stories levels is to develop a student's receptive language skills. As learners progress, they are able to ask and answer more complex questions and accomplish useful tasks using their own original Spanish!

You can fully explore how Calico Spanish Stories works by navigating a full lesson here.

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