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Calico Spanish Stories helps young learners say hola to bilingualism- for 76 cents a day.

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Easy-to-understand Video Stories full of engaging, comprehensible, real-world Spanish

Elementary Spanish Curriculum

Activity sheets and dialogues to help children use real language from the beginning

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Colorful flashcards, posters, and storybooks for variety in course content

Spanish for Elementary Schools

Clear directions for students and teachers on every part of every lesson

Spanish Curriculum

Fun, energetic music videos to get kids moving and singing in Spanish

Spanish for Kids

Training and support available throughout your Spanish journey from our experienced team

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Purchase your Stories digital curriculum subscription and access everything you need to teach for one low price. Optional printed copies of select materials are available. Download the Stories curriculum guide now to see our Scope & Sequence, samples of all lesson elementsFAQ answers, purchasing information, and ACFTL standards alignment.


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Lesson Plans
Song Videos
Storybook Videos
Flash Cards
Activity Sheets
Culture Capsules


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What will they learn?

Level A: I Am Special
Level B: I Love My Family
Level C: I Live Here
Level D: Welcome to the Farm

By the end of Level A, children will be able to complete the following tasks in Spanish:

  • I can describe something as blue or yellow.
  • I can identify a monkey or a fish.
  • I can identify the number of objects in a group up to three.
  • I can begin to identify the days of the week.
  • I can describe the size of something as big or small.
  • I can greet someone, answer basic questions, and give  information about myself, including:
    • my name
    • my age
    • how I am doing
    • what I am like and
    • what I like to do.

By the end of Level B, in addition to everything they learned in Level A, children will be able to complete the following tasks in Spanish:

  • I can begin to talk about the months of the year.
  • I can describe the color of something as brown, black, or white.
  • I can talk about the number of objects in a group, up to six.
  • I can identify a dog, cat, or rabbit.
  • I can tell someone, “I love you.”
  • I can ask and answer the question “How many?”
  • I can ask simple questions to discover what people like.
  • I can talk about my pets.
  • I can react to something I think is cool.
  • I can answer basic questions and give information about my family, including:
    • family words
    • names
    • pets
    • what people are like
    • what others like to do

By the end of Level C, in addition to everything they learned in Level A and Level B, children will be able to complete the following tasks in Spanish:

  • I can welcome someone to my house.
  • I can describe the color of something green, gray, or red.
  • I can identify a frog or a mouse.
  • I can politely ask for something to eat or drink.
  • I can talk about whether I want or need something.
  • I can say that I’m hungry or thirsty.
  • I can mention some foods and drinks I like or don’t like.
  • I can talk about how I feel.
  • I can mention something someone has to do.
  • I can say whether I want or don’t want to do something.
  • I can mention some things that people do during the day.
  • I can categorize something as a person, place, or thing.
  • I can answer questions and give information about my home and routine, including:
    • making references to time (what time of day it is, what time it is, at what time I do something, that it is time to do something)
    • describing what my house is like
    • talking about some foods and drinks I like or don’t like
    • telling how I feel
    • expressing that I need, want, or have to do something related to my daily activities
    • talking about my daily activities
    • describing where an object is located

By the end of Level D, in addition to everything they learned in Levels A-C, children will be able to complete the following tasks in Spanish:

  • I can count objects up to one hundred.
  • I can use debes to suggest to someone what they should do.
  • I can map the monarch butterfly migration.
  • I can say whether something is close or far, north or south, left or right.
  • I can say that I go, stay at, and return to a place.
  • I can talk about farm animals and the sounds they make.
  • I can use phrases including vocabulary for parts of the body to tell someone how I feel and if something hurts.
  • I can use some frequency words and phrases to tell someone how often something happens.
  • I can talk about what I eat for different meals.
  • I can use connecting words to put a story in order.
  • I can answer questions and give information about activities outside in various types of weather:
    • describing the weather
    • talking about the seasons
    • talking about what someone is going to do
    • talking about what clothes I need for particular weather

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24 x 11 x 17” easily wipeable posters.

15 x full color storybooks.

549 x full color 4 x 4” flash cards.

4 x Teacher’s Guide (1 book per level)

4 x Student Activity Books with reproducible activities (1 book per level)

Your Calico Spanish Stories subscription comes with digital, printable copies of all resources

Your Calico Spanish Stories subscription comes with digital, printable copies of all resources.

Our packs are the best value way to get optional hard copies of the digital resources.

If you are a teacher who already has a subscription and would like to supplement your teaching with level specfic hard copy resources, please visit our store, or if you cannot find a pack which suits you, we’d be happy to put one together for you, please email us at [email protected]

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Make sure your curriculum choice meets national standards.

You can be sure Stories meets every standard set by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Click below to see how.

ACTFL Standards Alignment Document


Still have questions?

Need help with one of our features, want to know how to upgrade your membership or just looking for more information on our online program? Take a look through our questions and answers below.

Can families sign in from home using my subscription?

Sorry, your subscription to Stories is only for you to use with your learners. However, there are many things you can have families do at home (or in the computer lab, or in the library) to support learner progress. Our games and videos page is always available without a login and with no external ads. You can also purchase our Activity Sheets formatted as Google Slides to be assigned through Google Classroom. We also have a subscription that enables you to share with families at home your personalized, password-protected page of all videos from the Stories program.

Do you have assessments kids can take online so I can track their progress?

Not yet, but we're actively investigating online quizzing options for Stories teachers. In your subscription now, you will find final assessments to administer at the end of every unit, as well as lesson checklists and Can-Do checklists that your class as a whole and children individually can use to show how well they're moving along in the program.

Does the program work on iPad/SMARTboard/Chromebook/Firestick/Apple TV?

The Stories program adapts to whatever device you're using, as long as there's a web browser. Note that interactive games do not work with the touch technology on Chromebook screens or SMARTboard products, but you can manipulate the games with a mouse in those situations. (They do work with iOS device touch screens.)

What if my learners can't read or write yet?

The Stories videos include captions and lyrics of all Spanish to promote literacy and comprehension, but reading isn't required for children to succeed with our program. We recommend reading our blog post, Adapting Worksheets for Preliterate Children.

How long does the program take?

In Level A, lesson plans take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Levels C and D include lesson plans that may take 45 minutes or more. In general, we suggest doing 3 lesson plans a week, and that pace will take your learners through about a level a year. Levels C and D will take many groups a year and a half each to complete.

Where should my learners start?

Levels are about where kids are with their language skills, so all beginners (regardless of grade) should start with Level A. You have access to all levels all the time, so if you are teaching children with some Spanish skills already under their belt, start at a later level.

Are you planning more levels?

Stories Levels A-D take around 5 years to complete on a typical elementary schedule (about 60 minutes per week), but we understand many rockstar schools are giving their learners more Spanish time than that and will finish our program more quickly. For now, we are focused on ways we can make the current levels work harder for your learners so you don't have to, but we do have Level E, the final Level of Stories, on our radar. We could preview it for you, but then it would be even harder for you to wait to meet Esmeralda la elefanta and her friends who escape from the city zoo in Argentina and explore the city in their best day ever...

What's included in a Stories subscription?

With your subscription, you get unlimited access to all of the Level A, Level B, Level C, and Level D teaching resources. You can explore everything during your Free Trial.

Subscriptions include:
32 Video-Stories
30+ Music Videos
24 Dialogue Videos
15 Storybooks in a video, read-aloud format
Online learning games

You'll also have access to printable copies of:
Song Lyrics

How many Flashcards are there?

With a Full Access subscription, you are able to view online (and/or download and print) a set of flashcards from each level of the program.

Level A has 80 flashcards
Level B has 101 flashcards
Level C has 166 flashcards
Level D has 197 flashcards

The flashcards include single words, as well as phrases and concepts. The front side has an original image and word in Spanish. The backside has the English translation.

If you prefer, you can purchase full-color, UV-coated flashcards (sized 4in x 4in) with our Visual Packs.

How many posters are there?

Each level includes six posters. You can view, download and print posters on demand with your paid subscription. Alternatively, you can purchase full-color, UV-coated poster sets (sized 11 in x 17 in) with our Visual Packs.

How many storybooks are there?

Each Level has three or four accompanying Storybooks. The Storybooks supplement the Video Stories.

Your subscription to Stories includes videos of the Storybooks being read aloud by a native speaker.

Level A - I Am Special (3 Storybooks)
Level B - I Love My Family (4 Storybooks)
Level C - I Live Here (4 Storybooks)
Level D - Welcome to the Farm (4 Storybooks)

You can purchase full-color, soft-cover Storybooks with our Visual Packs.

Where can I buy the Student Activites Books?

If you're looking to order the print version of the learner Activities Book, click here to see affordable pricing on printed Activities Books from our printing partner, XanEdu.

Can I download and print the activities?

Stories includes a variety of printable Student Activities. Your subscription allows you to view and print copies of the Student Activities as well as dialogues, song lyrics, posters, and flash cards.

Please Note:
During your Free Trial, you are only allowed to download a select number of our printable PDFs.

Do you have a technology requirements document that I can provide to my tech department?

Yes, you can download a list of the requirements needed to access the Calico Spanish curriculum here. If you're having any issues with it, you can contact us.

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