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A unique way to teach Spanish without any prior Spanish knowledge! The easy-to-understand videos, flashcards, images and detailed lesson plans guide you through each level until, before you know it, everyone involved is beginning to speak real, useable Spanish!

Let’s take a tour of the Stories programs...

Welcome to the Stories programs.

Each color-coded level helps learners become more proficient in speaking Spanish.


Each Level is broken into 8 Units.

You can see what you will learn in each unit and what kind of activities you have to look forward to. Use the ‘Explore Unit’ button to start exploring that unit.


Daily lesson plans walk you through each step.

Ten regular lesson plans per unit guide you through each 20- to 30-minute session. Review days are also planned out for you. Rich culture capsules appear in extra lesson plans 4-5 times per level.


Move between lessons using the handy Tab bar at the top, or the "Previous" or "Next" buttons at the top and bottom of each day's plan.


Each daily lesson starts with a lesson overview.

This sets out what you should achieve in the lesson and what activities you will be doing. Unit guides are also available as a PDF, and so is the full Teacher's Guide with all of the lesson plans, so you can save them, or print them for later use.


Now the real fun begins! We start learning!

After the Lesson Overview we move on to the daily tasks - the fun part! These are varied with different kinds of activity to make sure that your students are always engaged and have fun learning with their new Calico friends!


Our activities are identified with handy icons:


Lesson resources are included right where you need them...

Any video, flash cards, worksheet, PDF download or other resource you need to teach the lesson is right here in the page, alongside the task. Videos and Music can only be accessed through your online account, but you can view, download and print copies of all posters, worksheets, flash cards and teacher resources to make use of them in your classroom.


All lesson resources are also available on the ‘Resources’ page for you to access at any time.


The Resources page is available 24/7, whenever you need it!

All lesson resources are available from our Resources page. You can access this page whenever you need it.


Remember our task icons? You’ll see them again here to help you find what you are looking for. You can also filter the resources by Level, so if you are looking for a video or worksheet from a specific level, it’s easier to find. Our resources are also color-coded to reflect the level they belong to for easier searching.


Get printed copies of resources too!

Don’t forget you can also buy printed copies of the resources too if you’d like them. Simply visit the Calico Spanish Shop to browse and buy.


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