Hola a todos

A Spanish Greeting Song



Start your Spanish classes off with this cheerful greeting song from the CalicoSpanish curriculum! Singing along will get students energized and ready to start learning! "Hola a todos" is a perfect class warm-up for Spanish students of all ages.

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Hola a todos

Access your free coloring book, song lyrics, and lesson ideas to complement this song!

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Stories Online connects learners with all the tools they need to learn real Spanish, even in the absence of a Spanish-speaking teacher. That’s right, you can implement this program in every classroom, regardless of the teacher’s language competency!

  • Equips you with a fun, animated, 100% digital program
    Download and print resources on demand, or purchase printed copies from our Learning Resources Shop.
  • Engages children with comprehensive, varied support materials
  • Helps children build skills through scaffolded content
  • Empowers teachers of any (or no) Spanish ability with native-speaker audio and step-by-step lesson plans
  • Simplifies your search with transparent, affordable pricing
  • Aligns with national language learning standards

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