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by Erica Fischer on Nov 5, 2010

Mexico’s Centennial Revolution

The centennial celebration of Mexico’s Revolution is quickly approaching. How are you planning on introducing this significant, cultural event to your Spanish class? Here is a quick review of the legendary characters and the roles they played.

The Mexican Revolution officially started November 20th, 1910 when Francisco I. Madero escaped from prison and declared that the electoral process in Mexico was corrupt and therefore invalid. General Porfirio Díaz had ruled over the country for 34 years and wasn’t about to release his power, so he had imprisoned Madero and announced himself the winner.

Shortly after the revolutionary declaration, the charismatic Pancho Villa joined Madero with a host of faithful fighters, transforming his followers from banditos (bandits) into revolucionarios (revolutionaries). Pancho Villa had already been fighting against unjust landlords for the rights of the common man.

Emiliano Zapata was another key player in the Mexican Revolution. He lead the Liberation Army in the South of Mexico. Although the outcome of the revolution did not bring the equality and opportunity hoped for by the Mexican people, it was the beginning of a long process for a more just democracy.

The revolutionary chant lives on:¡Viva Mexico! ¡Viva la Revolución!

In celebration of the centennial, the Mexican government has produced an educational, video series that documents the revolution. If you follow this link you’ll see each video presented in Spanish and English. For your convenience, you can watch the first video in Spanish right here on our blog:

What are your ideas for celebrating Mexico’s Revolution?

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