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by Erica Fischer on Dec 1, 2010

Advent calendars

I love the Advent season. As an exchange student in Germany, I celebrated Advent for the four Sundays before Christmas with afternoon tea, cookies, conversation, laughter and candlelight. It was a magical celebration and I have continued the tradition with my own family.

You can share this tradition with your students easily thanks to Deutsche-Welle. They offer a digital Advent calendar on their website. Each day you will have access to a new item. Today, I was able to read a bit about the history of Advent in Spanish on the digital Advent calendar.

The Spanish Version of the Advent Calendar is at:

You can read more about the German holiday traditions (written in English) at:

Please share your favorite Christmas traditions with us in the comments!

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Erica Fischer
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  • C. Colyer

    A mi tambien me encantan los calendarios de Adviento! But a Christmas tradition that has become special in our family over the years, began when I was a young child living in Alaska. One of our neighbors (I still don’t know which one) put together a 12 days of Christmas treat to drop at our doorstep on each of the 12 days preceding Christmas day. Each of the fun little gifts corresponded to the traditional song….such as chocolate milk from the maids a milking….delivered by “Elves”. Somehow they would sneak the treat onto our doorstep during the night or wee hours of the morning and we’d be so anxious to see what was awaiting us on our doorstep each morning. It truly was…like having 12 days of Christmas. We saved all the fun little rhymes that went with the game and have, on most years since, chosen a neighbor or two to share this fun little game with…..only we’ve yet to be sneaky enough NOT to get caught!! Can’t wait ’til our children are old enough to help us with this tradition of sharing with our neighbors!

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