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by Erica Fischer on Nov 19, 2010

Here Comes the Mexican Revolution!

Mexico will celebrate its centennial revolution on November 20th. They’re remembering the beginning steps towards a more just democracy for the common man. What benefits came from that struggle?

In 1916 the revolutionary struggle was decided in favor of Venustiano Carranza. An official election was called for and deputies representing almost the entire country gathered together in Querétaro to amend the Constitution of 1857. These radical, social amendments tailored to a new Mexico.

Ones to be noted are Article 3 and 27 which, although fairly anticlerical, reformed the education and property distribution systems. Article 123 brought about a greatly needed change for laborers. It laid out an 8 hour work day, the right to strike, a minimum of one rest days per week and proper indemnification following unjust termination of employment.

On February 5th, 1917 the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States was read aloud from the Theater of the Republic for the people to hear.

El 20 de Noviembre México celebra el centenario de la revolución.

On November 20th Mexico celebrates its centennial revolution.

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