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by Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell on May 26, 2017

Send home a summer activity record! Free “En casa TicTacTó” download

Summer break = break from kids’ learning?

Is summer break really a good idea relative to children’s learning journey?  That’s certainly a hot topic for teachers and parents, and we won’t debate here.  Surely, though, over two months of little to no contact with Spanish can only hurt language development.

Summer activity record to send home with children learning Spanish

Click for PDF.

Here’s an idea: Let’s encourage kids to keep up those skills over the summer, outside of school programs.  But how?  Kids are given reading logs for the summer; why not for language, too?

Here’s an activity log we call “En casa TicTacTó.”  In it, children find a list of nine activities to choose from.  They choose any three activities per week, across, down, or up, to accomplish a TicTacTó.  This free log has “voice and choice” and fun built right in!  This variety makes it perfect for children in any context: preschool, kindergarten, elementary, homeschool, you name it.  Activities include pretending to shop for toys on Amazon Spain, getting a Spanish-language book from the library, and singing along with Calico Spanish songs.

Where’s the printable list/activity?

To get your free PDF, click here or click the image.  We also know some of you Google Doc gurus want to go in and change up some of the activities to tailor them for your context.  To access the document, click here.  Then, choose “File” and “Make a copy” and edit away!

If you’re already out of school but you have a way to contact school families, such as by your administrative office emailing parents, we encourage you to ask them to email this activity sheet for parents to use at home.  Let’s keep kids involved in Spanish!

For the Sing & Color Activities mentioned in the PDF, direct families here, or get your own to send home with each child.


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Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell
Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell is a homeschool mom of three bilingual children. She’s also a Spanish teacher and the COO and chief storyteller for Calico Spanish.

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