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by Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell on Sep 5, 2017

“What can I share with parents?”

Are you a teacher who has recently subscribed to the Calico Spanish Stories Program and wants to know what content you can share with parents at home?  We often receive this question – time for a blog post to answer it!

What’s Calico Spanish Stories?

What can I share with parents?Calico Spanish Stories is our all-digital program developed to fill a need for effective Spanish curriculum for young children regardless of the teacher/parent’s Spanish ability.  While we still believe children need intentional interaction with a guide and technology doesn’t replace that, we do believe that children and their non-Spanish-speaking teachers and parents can accomplish something given the right tools.  We set out to make that tool.  What we came up with turned out to be so good, it’s increasing in popularity among Spanish-speaking teachers in the classroom, as well.

Stories currently consists of 4 levels:

  1. Level A: I’m special!
  2. Level B: I love my family!
  3. Level C: I live here!
  4. Level D: Welcome to the farm!

Briefly: each level consists of 8 units. Each unit includes lesson plans to guide learning for 11 to 13 days per unit. Lessons are build around Video Stories featuring fun animal characters and comprehensible Spanish. (Note: Videos are 100% Spanish. English translations are included in the Teacher’s Guide).  In each lesson plan, children interact with the Video Story and various associated activities to help them acquire the Spanish needed to accomplish the lesson goal.

Got it.  So what can I share?

If you have a subscription to Stories, you’ve purchased access to all of our content, in all of the levels, all of the time.  So what are the limits?

Only digital? Only yours.

For content that only exists digitally, those products are only part of our membership site, and they are password restricted.  These include the Story Videos, Storybook Videos, and the Dialogue Videos.

Basically, your username and password is for your use only.  Your membership is for one teacher to use with all that teacher’s students.  Please do not share your username and password for anyone else to use.

Printable? Share it!

Many of the pieces of the curriculum that are available on the digital site are printable.  You are able to print all of the student Activity Sheets, including those associated with our innovative Culture Capsules. Please feel free to send copies of these home for students and parents to work on together.  You may foster a better community effort among your young learners and even inspire a family to learn a new language by asking parents to help children with Culture Capsules and asking children to use their Activity Sheets to present what they’ve learned to loved ones at home.

Playable? Share it!

Of course, our extensive collection of videos available on YouTube is viewable anytime, anywhere.  We recommend you give parents the links to videos you’re using in any given unit.  These videos can even be embedded on your school webpage.

We also have created several fun games directly related to our content for you to use and share.  Within the membership site, you can navigate to Resources/Games and click on Play Now to locate these games and then share the URL. One exception: Our proprietary concentration game is only accessible via the Membership site at this time.

We’re thankful you allow us to partner with you in guiding your learners on their Spanish-language journey.  And we’re thankful that so many teachers are concerned enough with digital copyright law to ask us this question.

Where will you (and those at home) take your young learners today?
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Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell
Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell is a homeschool mom of three bilingual children. She’s also a Spanish teacher and the COO and chief storyteller for Calico Spanish.

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