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by Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell on Jan 2, 2017

Comparison of SEVEN homeschool Spanish programs

Is comparison part of your process for shopping for a homeschool curriculum for any given subject?

It is part of mine!  As a homeschool mom, I have two go-to strategies when I’m hunting new material:

  1. Ask other moms in online communities, and
  2. read reviews.

Homeschool Spanish curriculum comparisonIn homeschool parent groups online, I often see questions about Spanish curricula for children, sometimes a general request for information, and often a request along the lines of,

“How does X compare to Y?”

But let’s be honest, how many of us have time for that?  I can think of only a few pieces of curriculum I’ve looked at in enough depth to give a useful comparison.

So, we did it for you.

We’ve just launched our Homeschool Comparisons page, where we spent hours combing through various options you have for Spanish learning at home and determining exactly what was different in approaches and philosophies.  On the page, you can see in-depth comparisons of Calico Spanish Stories Online with some of the options you may have been exploring, including:

– Risas y Sonrisas
– Rosetta Stone
– Duolingo & Babbel
– Foreign Languages For Kids By Kids
– Middlebury Interactive
– Whistlefritz

Ready to compare? Click here.

Side note:

Remember my second strategy for finding good curriculum?  It was reading reviews.  You can check out real reviews on Calico Spanish by heading over to our reviews page.

Whether or not you choose Calico Spanish for your Spanish learning journey, we hope our work on these comparisons helps you make a more informed and effective choice for your family.

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Language learning is a lifelong journey.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a map?  We did that: you want your children to speak real Spanish to real people, and we want to help.


Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell
Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell is a homeschool mom of three bilingual children. She’s also a Spanish teacher and the COO and chief storyteller for Calico Spanish.

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