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by Erica Fischer on Jan 11, 2011

¿Cuál animal soy?: A Great Game with Spanish Animals


One of the my favorite resources for teaching Spanish class is the Calico Spanish flashcard set. Twenty-one of the cards are animals, ranging from monkeys to horses to chicks. Each of the colorful pictures makes a clear connection between the Spanish vocabulary word and the animal to which it corresponds. These cards are the perfect resource for playing a quick and easy game with your students.

Classroom Game: ¿Cuál animal soy?

Choose the flashcards of the animals you want your students to practice. Ask for a volunteer, un voluntario o una voluntaria, and give that child one of the cards, let us pretend it’s a frog, una rana. The student then has to act like a frog while the rest of the class guesses which animal he or she is.

Once you have played this game a couple of times with your students, you can add in more advanced phrases. Have the actor ask: “Which animal am I?” “¿Cuál animal soy?” and then require that the students guess using the phrase, “Tú eres un…

This interactive games encourages a full exchange of communication all in Spanish. To kids it is simply a fun game that includes their favorite types of animals. We teachers know the secret; they are learning Spanish!

Erica Fischer
Erica is the founder and CEO of Calico Spanish. Her passion for teaching her own children to speak Spanish led her to create Calico Spanish. Our mission is to give all children the opportunity to learn to speak real Spanish for life.


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