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by Erica Fischer on May 26, 2010

Calico Spanish for Elementary Schools

Calico Spanish is the Perfect choice for Elementary Schools.

Calico Spanish equips you to create a comfortable environment where students can acquire Spanish naturally.

Here’s what Cindy had to say about her students after 2 weeks of classes using Calico Spanish:

“They learned a ton, and their confidence was boosted through the ceiling! These students, who came from an English-only classroom, had struggled with a high affective filter because they were in Spanish Language Development with kids from the 50/50 dual language program. However, after just one chapter of Calico Spanish, their affective filter was decreased so much that every single one of them was comfortable and beginning to use their new Spanish skills back in their old SLD classroom where they had previously been uninterested and overwhelmed. Their homeroom teacher was delighted to relate how they returned to her classroom and begged to teach their old classmates the songs they had learned from Mi GuitarrĂ­!! Wow!”

Cindy Colyer
Lincoln Elementary School, Woodburn, Oregon

Student success is crucial to the success of a program and Calico Spanish is a teacher designed program that produces results! The program makes your life easier as a teacher by giving you all the resources you need to create an engaging, interactive, immersion setting as you teach Spanish. You and your students will love the colorful posters, flash cards, and books that bring the language to life. You will also be thrilled to sing along with Joel as he presents 23 songs in fresh new ways that are pure listening pleasure. Most importantly, as Cindy related above, students will learn Spanish and be ready to use Spanish in other settings when taught with the Calico Spanish program.

Elementary in Spanish
Erica Fischer
Erica is the founder and CEO of Calico Spanish. Her passion for teaching her own children to speak Spanish led her to create Calico Spanish. Our mission is to give all children the opportunity to learn to speak real Spanish for life.

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