How do you want to teach?

Our programs are perfect for every classroom,
with or without a teacher proficient in Spanish.

Products for Everyone

Stories Online

  • All online
  • Subscription model
  • Any (or no)
  • Spanish ability
  • Grades K-5

  • Equips you with a fun, animated, 100% digital program
    Download and print resources on demand, or purchase printed copies from our Learning Resources store.
  • Engages children with comprehensive, varied support materials
  • Helps children build on prior knowledge through scaffolded content
  • Empowers teachers of any (or no) Spanish ability with native-speaker audio and step-by-step lesson plans
  • Simplifies your search with transparent, affordable pricing
  • Aligns with national language learning standards

Products for Spanish Language Specialists

Classic for Schools

  • Print curriculum
  • Classroom model
  • Spanish Language
  • Specialists
  • Grades K-5

  • Equips teachers proficient in Spanish with a comprehensive, print curriculum
  • Supports an immersive Spanish experience for children
  • Includes one 12-month subscription to Stories Online
    Stories Online is a completely separate program. You can use it alone or as a supplement while teaching with Classic for Schools.
  • Connects seamlessly with Accelerate for Schools for continuing the Spanish learning journey
  • Includes printed copies of all resources
  • Aligns with ACTFL standards


Accelerate for Schools

  • Print curriculum
  • Classroom model
  • Literature-based continuation
  • Grades 2-6
  • Comprehensive literature-based program
  • Continues the emergent speaker’s journey towards bilingualism begun with Classic for Schools
  • Uses authentic literature to empower the teacher and students with real-life language and culture
  • Aligns with ACTFL standards

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