Focus on literature

Accelerate for Schools

(formerly known as Level 2)

Focus on Literature and Comprehension with a Curriculum that Engages the Whole Class

Excellent input leads to quality output. This is a foundational truth for immersion language learners and the more quality input you offer students, the more successful they will be in acquiring Spanish skills. Calico Spanish Accelerate guides teachers to use literature, music, and discussions to provide increasingly complex input via reading and listening. Students then have many opportunities to practice and expand their output abilities via writing and speaking in Spanish.

Accelerate guides your novice students on their journey to become intermediate Spanish writers, speakers, listeners, and readers. See the ACFTL proficiency guidelines for details on language skill levels.

*Accelerate for Schools - formerly known as Level 2

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Expand language skills using Calico Spanish

Expand language skills

Calico Spanish Accelerate is a six-unit, intermediate level Spanish immersion curriculum featuring appealing children’s literature to expose students to a wide variety of cultural traditions and language structures as the teacher guides the language acquisition process.

Through the use of wonderfully illustrated children’s books, lively traditional and original songs, and interactive games and activities, students explore the themes of self/daily routines, family, food, community, celebrations/traditions, and weather/seasons. The quality Spanish children’s books reinforce proper grammatical structures of the Spanish language, while the games, music, and writing activities are integrated to provide continual interaction with the Spanish language.

Students experience the Spanish language through reading, writing, listening, AND speaking on a daily basis in a thematic structure, giving them opportunities to build connections between concepts they have previously learned and the newly introduced ideas.

Meet the needs of all learners

Every student is unique and Calico Spanish equips you to present lessons in a variety of ways to ensure all students learn in ways that appeal to their individual needs. Engage your visual, audio, and kinesthetic learners throughout your lessons.

Our fabulous visual aids are integrated into each lesson so that students can make their own connections between words and images. The colorful graphics engages students while aiding them in comprehension and retention. As a result, teachers can effectively present new ideas and vocabulary.

Visual learners grasp information best when its presentation is visually systematic. Our vibrant visual aids, including books, posters, and flashcards, encourage students to connect vocabulary with images in each lesson. The colorful graphics engage students while helping them to comprehend and retain input. As a result, teachers can effectively present new ideas and vocabulary. Students and teachers also create charts of new vocabulary together. These charts become visual vocabulary reminders in the form of a collaborative class dictionary.

Calico Spanish Accelerate provides audio input through stories, music and wide variaty of interactions with their classmates and teachers in Spanish. Lessons give all students the opportunity to actively communicate, which greatly aids them in language acquisition and retention.

Audio learners need vocal input and output in order to cement linguistic concepts. Calico Spanish Accelerate provides audio input through stories, music, and a wide variety of interactions with their classmates and teachers in Spanish. Lessons give all students the opportunity to actively communicate, which greatly aids them in language acquisition and retention.

When students actively participate in Spanish, the language becomes truly significant. Physical responses improve memory because the movement becomes connected to the language in the student's mind. Calico Spanish gives teachers ample ways to incorporate TPR, movement and energy in each lesson.

Kinesthetic learners thrive as they become involved the activities and games that bring the stories and lessons to life. When students actively participate in Spanish, the language becomes truly significant. Physical responses improve memory because the movement becomes connected to the language in the student’s mind. Calico Spanish gives teachers ample ways to incorporate TPR, movement, and energy in each lesson.

Always be prepared with well-planned lessons

The lesson plans supply teachers with an array of options for introducing and reviewing concepts and vocabulary in Spanish. These different methods encompass all types of learners to create an environment where teaching and learning Spanish is enjoyable. Since children are discovering the language for themselves through vibrant visual aids, catchy music, and TPR activities they better retain the language and actively want to use Spanish. From the first presentation to the last targeted assessment, teachers are equipped to engage each of their students to make learning Spanish fun.

Calico Spanish Accelerate
provides teachers with ...

Calico Spanish Level 2
  • Easy to follow lesson plans that require minimal preparation time
  • Thematic units full of dynamic lessons
  • 17 vibrant children's books
  • Excellent music resources
  • Fabulous visual aids
  • Skill-building games
  • Research-based strategies
  • A variety of relevant projects
  • Targeted assessments

Accelerate comes with everything you need to build an intermediate level immersion environment through increasingly complex input via reading and listening. Students will truly be surrounded by Spanish input and output.

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These topics barely outline the width and depth of content presented in Calico Spanish Accelerate. To better understand the structure and the different components of the lessons, you can get an instant free download of the Resources Guide to view more details.

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Create an Immersion Classroom

Surrounding your students with Spanish is easy and effective with the Calico Spanish resources. The quality music, visual aids and detailed teacher's manual will enable you and your students to learn and communicate exclusively in Spanish. Calico Spanish is an incredible enrichment program for providing elementary-aged children with the opportunity to become bilingual, bi-literate and bi-cultural. The full Accelerate resources include ...

Music Resources

Calico Spanish features excellent music that thoroughly appeals to upper elementary and middle school students. Practice key vocabulary, introduce new phrases and get actively engaged with our fast paced music CDs.

Visual Aids

The vibrant graphics set a cheerful tone that attracts eager learners. Furthermore, the custom visuals allow teachers to easily communicate new concepts, tie the components of the curriculum together, and help students make connections between written and vocalized words.

Calico Spanish Flashcards

Custom flash cards feature wonderful artwork to post on the bulletin board, use in games and assist in presenting new concepts. Includes family, jobs in the community, opposites, conjugation of verbs, verb phrases and pronouns.


The colorful Calico Spanish posters provide writing and speaking support to students with colorful graphics and labels.

Teaching Tools

The Calico Spanish Teacher's manual and related resources offer incredible value to the classroom teacher by providing ready-to-implement lessons in detail. Teachers save time in planning and preparation and gain new ideas for effective lesson presentation. A variety of strategies are used so that the Spanish language and culture are brought to life. Efficient to implement and adaptable to different ages, the teaching tools are the backbone to the Calico Spanish curriculum.

Teacher's Manual

Teacher's Manual

Organize your classes quickly and easily with excellent lesson plans full of ideas and resources. Each thematic unit contains at least 5 sections with multiple components designed to fill several class sessions with engaging activities. Lessons utilize a wide range of research-based strategies for teaching and learning. Published in spiral-format for ease of use.

Assessment Book

Assessment Book

Targeted group and individual assessments provide valuable feedback regarding students' Spanish comprehension and language acquisition. Our customized oral assessment rubric guides expectations and provides appropriate goals for student language acquisition and production. A variety of assessment styles are used to give teachers a broader understanding of students' abilities.

Student Activity Book

Student Activity Book

Teachers love these reproducible guides and activities. The Activity Book provides teachers with a convenient format to keep student activity sheets organized. Templates for writing and art projects are included for easy implementation of lessons. The Student Activity Sheets are also included in a pdf format on the Calico Spanish Student Resources CD-Rom so you can print copies from your computer.

Student Resources CD-Rom

Student Resources CD-Rom

Unlimited printable copies of reproducible Calico Spanish components from pdf files make teachers' jobs easier while providing schools with lasting value. The files include: Calico Spanish Student Activity Sheets, Calico Spanish Student Copies and Assessments.


Students discover the culture of Latin America and the beauty of the Spanish language through reading with a variety of excellent children's books.

  • - First Thousand Words in Spanish by Heather Amery. This excellent visual Spanish dictionary for children features detailed, fun illustrations.
  • - Los tamales de Ana by Gwendolyn Zepeda. Ana is finally old enough to mix the masa for the Christmas tamales, but her older sister has a special job as well. Ana imagines all the new tasks she'll earn the privilege of completing as she grows up with the tamale tradition.
  • - Sube y baja por los Andes by Laurie Krebs. Children from all over Peru travel to Cusco for the Inti Raymi Festival of the Inca people.
  • - Olivia by Ian Falconer; Spanish version. Olivia is irresistable with a personality that just won't quit.
  • - Mi Atlas Larousse by Larousse. Features maps and illustrations of all the major regions of the world in addition to information on the lives and traditions of people around the globe.
  • - Jorge el curioso encuentra trabajo by H.A. Rey. Curious George manages to get into all sorts of mischief and learn about various jobs along the way.
  • - Cuadros de familia by Carmen Lomas Garza. This story highlights the importance of family traditions big and small.
  • - La fiesta de las tortillas by Jorge Argueta. A family restaurant in El Salvador is the setting for this delightful tale.
  • - ¡Corre, Nicolas, Corre! by Giles Tibo. Nicolas runs from one activity to another after school all week long. Can Nicolas keep up the crazy pace of his schedule?
  • - Veloz como el grillo by Audrey Wood. A book full of similies gives students an opportunity to see creative comparisons in Spanish.
  • - Las empanadas que hacia abuela by Diane Gonzales Bertrand. Abuela makes the most delicious empanadas with fresh pumpkins and the help of her grandchildren.
  • - Cumpleaños en el Barrio by Mayra Lazara Doyle. Chavi and her friend Rosario gather contributions from throughout their Miami neighborhood to put together a vibrant quinceneara party.
  • - Huevos verdes con jamón by Dr. Seuss. A classic tale about whether green eggs and ham are likable in all sorts of crazy locations.
  • - Fútbol mundial: España by Ethan Zohn. Join the author as he explores Spain through the lens of a professional soccer player.
  • - Isla by Arthur Dorros. Imagination takes flight as Rosalba hears her grandmother's tales of the Island where she grew up.
  • - Family, Familia by Diane Gonzales Bertrand. A familiy reunion is anything but boring when Daniel meets his extended family from Mexico and the USA.
  • - El picnic de Tío Chente by Diane Gonzales Bertrand. A family picnic doesn't turn out as expected due to a summer storm.

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Enhance student learning with additional resources

Enhance student learning

Calico Spanish offers a custom SMART Board™ Gallery (also available in Promethean and Mimio formats) with all the visual aids and music resources ready for you to create custom Notebook lessons. Teachers using SmartBoards in their classes love having access to all our amazing visuals at their fingertips.

Our Complete Calico Spanish Gallery set contains all image and audio files for Calico Spanish Accelerate. Includes the songs from the Tan Feliz album, maps of the Spanish-speaking world, thematic posters, and flash cards. This $350 value is only $249 when purchased with the Accelerate Complete Set. For more information, please visit our Accelerate SMART Board™ Galleries page.

Calico Spanish has several activities available on Drag our activities into your profile and assign them to your students for extra practice in class or at home. Targeted activities enhance learning and the familiar Calico Spanish graphics add to the fun and aid in retention for your students.

Expand students’ knowledge with thematic units

Calico Spanish covers a range of topics including those listed below. Request a free sample to view the Accelerate Scope and Sequence.

Mi rutina


Mi familia


La comida


La comunidad


Celebraciones y tradiciones

(Celebrations and Traditions)

Estaciones y el clima

(Seasons and Climate)

The beauty of a complete, all encompassing curriculum is that key elements are integrated together. Every lesson presents new concepts and vocabulary. The new phrases and words are reiterated throughout the units in games, songs and activities to reinforce the language connections.

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The Calico Spanish methodology leads to student success

Calico Spanish is designed to help your students enjoy the process of learning Spanish. Your novice learners will attain intermediate language skills as you implement a variety of interesting, research-based techniques. (See the ACTFL proficiency guidelines for details.) The curriculum relies predominantly on Tracy Terrell's Natural Approach to language instruction. Other key language instruction theories utilized throughout the program are Stephen Krashen's language acquisition theories and James Asher's Total Physical Response (TPR) methods.

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Our Methodology

Calico Spanish is aligned to the ACTFL National Standards

Calico Spanish meets or exceeds the requirements set in "Standards for Learning Spanish" as outlined in the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century, published by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The standards were developed around five key goals for language learners, known as "The Five C's". They are the following:

  • Communication: Communicate in Spanish
  • Cultures: Gain Knowledge and Understanding of the Cultures of the World
  • Connections: Connect with Other Disciplines and Acquire Information
  • Comparisons: Develop Insight into the Nature of Language and Culture
  • Communities: Participate in Communities at Home and Around the World

These standards provide guidance regarding the type of curricular experiences that will best equip students for life in a multilingual world. Calico Spanish Level 2 provides an interactive process to move students towards proficiency in Spanish while meeting or exceeding each of standards. Level 2 deepens the connections and language skills already achieved in Level 1.

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The Five C’s language goals

Are you looking for an advanced, literature based curriculum for your class?
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