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Guide early learners farther and faster with immersion, song, and play.

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Not confident in your Spanish ability?

We developed Stories Online especially for you.

Routines, rhythms, and resources for immersion success.

Flexible, fully supportive lesson plans. 160 detailed lesson plans for full support or easy adaptation to your context.

Cues & aids for learner comprehension including audio cues, pantomime, visual aids, and demonstrations.

Interactive methods for all learners. Visual aids, musical support, and physical interaction reach all types of learners.

Scope & sequence for your schedule. Organize lessons in a 30 or 60-minute format, leading to at least 2 years’ worth of material.

Music from start to finish that supports routines, transitions, and vocabulary to keep everyone singing in Spanish.

Comprehension to speaking and literacy. Aural comprehension allows natural Spanish expression, while activities encourage biliteracy.

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 Why teachers love Calico Spanish Classic for Schools

160 flexible, easy-to-follow lesson plans

30 interactive songs and poems

Engaging, bright visual aids

Skill-building games

Sentence frames for communication success

Total Physical Response (TPR) activities

Deep emphasis on useful, realistic vocabulary sets

Relevant projects

Targeted assessments

Affordable Interactive Whiteboard support

Focus on communication, not grammatical form

Simple pricing: Pay once, teach forever

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What’s included in Calico Spanish Classic for Schools?

Teaching Tools
Mi guitarrí Music Resources
Visual Aids

Teacher’s Manual: 15 Chapters with two preplanned schedules provide activities and resources sufficient for at least 2 years of learning in most elementary contexts.

Assessment Book: Targeted group and individual assessments for readers and preliterate children, along with our customized oral assessment rubric, guide you in expectations and help you provide feedback.

Student Activity Book: Learners create their own songbooks, calendars, alphabet sheets, and more. (Reproducible.)

Student Resources USB drive: PDF files of Calico Spanish Classic components for unlimited reproduction include Student Activity Sheets, Student Copies, and Assessment worksheets.

Additional purchase add-on of Interactive Whiteboard Galleries: Consider this optional set of over 200 digital illustrations and 30 audio files for your SMART Board, Promethian, or Mimio board. Priced at only $99 as an optional add on to your purchase of the Classic Complete Set.

Mi guitarrí Music Resources
Calico Spanish understands that students need to feel secure and comfortable in order to engage in learning. Our custom Mi guitarrí music resources establish a dependable routine to every lesson. With both original and traditional songs and poems, our music helps shorten the natural silent period children experience by encouraging them to use Spanish in a fun and active way.

Spanish Songs for Kids CD
Designed to expose students to an authentic accent, Mi guitarrí includes custom and traditional songs, poems, games and memory aids for selected topics such as days of the week, parts of the body, greetings, etc. Joel Valle's clear voice delivers 30 tracks of educational entertainment that kids and adults will both enjoy.

Encourages creativity by providing the piano melody, guitar chords and full lyrics to every song.

Big Book of Lyrics
Perfect for reading together as a class to provide extra literacy and vocabulary practice. Key illustrations are included to support vocabulary acquisition. This is a favorite.

Spanish Songs for Kids Music Video DVD
Provides an attractive option for connecting visual and audio cues through 19 song videos. Features custom graphics and on-screen lyrics.

Visual Aids
The vibrant graphics set a cheerful tone that attracts eager learners. Furthermore, the custom visuals allow teachers to easily communicate new concepts, tie the components of the curriculum together, and help students make connections between written and vocalized words.

First Thousand Words in Spanish
Affectionately referred to as the dictionary, children love this colorful, hardback book because it is full of interesting scenes and characters.The book lends itself to hunt and find activities that become an integral part of introducing new words in Spanish. (Usborne Publishing).

¡Corre, perro, corre!
Help students reach literacy and comprehension milestones as they read from this Spanish paperback version of Go, Dog, Go! (by P.D. Eastman).

Calico Spanish Flash Cards
Custom flash cards feature wonderful artwork to post on the bulletin board, use in games and assist in, presenting new concepts. Includes animals, alphabet, numbers, emotions, greetings, conjugation of verbs, verb phrases and pronouns.

Verbos Flash Cards
Spanish immersion flash cards that introduce 94 action verbs with illustrations that clearly communicate each action, without the use of English. (Trend Publishing)

Bulletin Board Posters and Labels
Form a Spanish Center with custom, classroom-sized components that establish a familiar Calendar Time sequence and thematic units for students.

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What students learn with Calico Spanish Classic.


Calico Spanish covers a range of topics including those listed below. Read more when you view the scope and sequence.

Calendar Concepts


Key Verb Phrases and Action Verbs

Numbers 1-100 (fluency with 1-20)

Colors and Shapes


Skip Counting with Coins


Interesting Action Games

Parts of the Body

Classroom objects


Traditional Songs and Poems

An effective all-encompassing curriculum integrates key elements in achievable chunks. Instead of overwhelming children with long vocabulary lists and grammar, Classic for Schools fills each chapter with language connected in context. New concepts and vocabulary in each chapter include a number, color, animal, actions, and verb phrases. These topics are reiterated throughout the chapter in games, songs, and activities to reinforce the language connections. Once these basics are acquired, it is possible to move on to even more complex ideas.

Classic for Schools enables you to to build students' comprehension skills and give them a love for Spanish language and culture that will motivate them to continue learning Spanish for years to come.

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