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Our inventory of print copies of Calico Spanish Classic is gone, BUT you can purchase one of the last print copies of Calico Spanish Accelerate for just $499 - nearly 60% off the original price for our Intermediate-level curriculum for Spanish-language specialists!

As of March 2020, Calico Spanish Classic and Accelerate, our two-level print curriculum for Spanish-language specialists, have been retired from production.

Read below for information about these two programs and how to purchase printable versions.

Here's the problem:
Teachers need quality curriculum that helps their learners acquire Spanish in real classrooms in real situations, without the expensive hype, without the political demands for content that doesn't work, and with support across the spectrum of teachers' Spanish ability.

Here's the solution:
A company so commited to Spanish we put it in our name.

At Calico Spanish, we aren't rocket science. We don't develop for politicians. We are teachers and language learners ourselves, and we exist for one purpose: to provide teachers and children with quality Spanish learning experiences.

Spanish for Kindergarten Homeschool

The evolution of Calico Spanish...

From 2007 to 2014, Classic and Accelerate were the primary curriculum offerings of Calico Spanish.


In 2014, we launched the Stories program to meet the needs of an increasingly digital society and serve every Spanish Learner, from children in homes with parents who don't speak Spanish, to children in elementary classrooms with teachers who don't speak Spanish, to professional Spanish-speaking educators wanting full support with a story-based, acquisition-rich immersion curriculum. Now, we continue to develop and expand the Stories curriculum, the most effective, resource-filled curriculum available for young Spanish learners.

Learn more and try it free!


Now purchase Classic and Accelerate as digital downloads to print at your convenience in our TeachersPayTeachers store.

Spanish matching games

Classic for Schools

Guide early learners farther and faster with immersion, song, and play:

  • Teacher's Manual includes 15 chapters with 150 detailed lesson plans infused with custom and authentic music, art, and play. Two preplanned schedules provide organization in a 30- or 60-minute format, leading to at least 2 years' worth of material.
  • Assessment Book includes targeted group and individual assessments for young learners.
  • Student Activity Book offers learners the opportunity to create their own songbooks, calendars, and alphabet sheets.
  • Mi guitarrí songbook includes melody and guitar chords for fun singalongs.
  • Visual Aids are vibrant, printable labels, posters, and custom flashcards to engage learners in new concepts and tie the components of the curriculum together.

Full use requires additional purchase of First Thousand Words in Spanish, ¡Corre, perro, corre!, and Verbos flashcards (listed and linked in the item description in our TeachersPayTeachers store).

$1179 $99

Learning Spanish games

Accelerate for Schools

Learners ready for more? Take their journey farther, faster with stories and culture.

  • Teacher's Manual offers literature-based lessons in six thematic units that challenge learners with topics including daily routines, family, food, community, celebrations, and weather. Each theme contains at least 5 sections with multiple components designed to fill several class sessions with engaging activities, games, music and more.
  • Assessment Book includes a variety of targeted group and individual assessments for valuable feedback.
  • Student Activity Book contains activity sheets and templates for writing and art projects.
  • Visual Aids are vibrant, printable posters, and custom flashcards to engage learners in new concepts and tie the components of the curriculum together.

Full use requires additional purchase of picture books that support every theme and involve children in the cultures of the Spanish-speaking peoples (listed and linked in the item description in our TeachersPayTeachers store).

$1199 $79

This printable program for Spanish-language specialists NOT what you're looking for?

Calico Spanish Stories helps young learners say hola to bilingualism.

Elementary school Spanish

Easy-to-understand Video Stories full of engaging, comprehensible, real-world Spanish

Elementary Spanish Curriculum

Activity sheets and dialogues to help children use real language from the beginning

Homeschool Spanish

Colorful flashcards, posters, and storybooks for variety in course content

Spanish for Elementary Schools

Clear directions for students and teachers on every part of every lesson

Spanish Curriculum

Fun, energetic music videos to get kids moving and singing in Spanish

Spanish for Kids

Training and support available throughout your Spanish journey from our experienced team

We do all the lesson prep, so you can focus on what you do best - teaching!



Purchase your Stories digital curriculum subscription and access everything you need to teach for one low price. Optional printed copies of select materials are available. Download the Stories curriculum guide now to see our Scope & Sequence, samples of all lesson elements, FAQ answers, purchasing information, and ACFTL standards alignment.

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