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Six thematic units challenge learners with topics such as daily routines, family, food, community, celebrations, and weather.

Appealing children’s literature supports every theme and involves children in the cultures of the Spanish-speaking peoples.

Integrated activities including games, music, and activities provide continual interaction with the Spanish language.

A scope & sequence option for your schedule helps organize lessons in a 30 or 60-minute format, leading to at least 2 years’ worth of material.

Traditional and original music includes a variety of songs and music that help keep kids singing their way to Spanish proficiency.

Connections between concepts in every mode of communication build logically to strengthen skills from one unit to the next.

Learners not ready for Accelerate? Explore our beginner level, Classic for Schools.


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 Why teachers love Calico Spanish Accelerate for Schools

Easy-to-follow lesson plans for minimal prep time

Excellent music resources

Six thematic units full of dynamic lessons

Fabulous visual aids

17 vibrant children's books

Simple pricing: Pay once, teach forever

Authentic cultural content at every turn

Research-based strategies

Literacy-rich, skill-building activities and games

A variety of relevant projects

Organizers and strategies for checking comprehension

Targeted assessments

 Learners not ready for Accelerate? Explore our beginner level, Classic for Schools.


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What’s included with Calico Spanish Accelerate for Schools?

Teaching Tools
Literature and Music
Visual Aids

Teacher’s Manual: Published in spiral-bound format for ease of use, the manual includes six thematic units and their lesson plans to help you organize your classes quickly.

Assessment Book: Includes a variety of targeted group and individual assessments as well as our customized oral assessment rubric to provide learners with valuable feedback.

Student Activity Book: Reproducible Activity Sheets and templates for writing and art projects supplement every unit. PDFs of all activities are also included on the accompanying USB drive.

Student Resources USB-drive: Print unlimited copies of the PDF files of Accelerate’s student components, including all Activity Sheets, Student Copies, and Assessments.

Additional purchase add-on of Interactive Whiteboard Galleries: All image and audio files associated with Calico Spanish Accelerate, including the songs from the Tan feliz album, maps of the Spanish-speaking world, thematic posters, and flash cards are available for your SmartBoard, Promethean, or Mimio board for only $99 when purchased with the Accelerate set.

Students discover the culture of Latin America and the beauty of the Spanish language through reading with a variety of excellent children's books.

-First Thousand Words in Spanish by Heather Amery. This excellent visual Spanish dictionary for children features detailed, fun illustrations.

-Los tamales de Ana by Gwendolyn Zepeda. Ana is finally old enough to mix the masa for the Christmas tamales, but her older sister has a special job as well. Ana imagines all the new tasks she'll earn the privilege of completing as she grows up with the tamale tradition.

-Sube y baja por los Andes by Laurie Krebs. Children from all over Peru travel to Cusco for the Inti Raymi Festival of the Inca people.

-Olivia by Ian Falconer; Spanish version. Olivia is irresistable with a personality that just won't quit.

-Mi Atlas Larousse by Larousse. Features maps and illustrations of all the major regions of the world in addition to information on the lives and traditions of people around the globe.

-Jorge el curioso encuentra trabajo by H.A. Rey. Curious George manages to get into all sorts of mischief and learn about various jobs along the way.

-Cuadros de familia by Carmen Lomas Garza. This story highlights the importance of family traditions big and small.

-La fiesta de las tortillas by Jorge Argueta. A family restaurant in El Salvador is the setting for this delightful tale.

-Mi día de la A a la Z by F. Isabel Compoy. Explore a child's daily activities at home and school, as well as how to tell time, structured by the alphabet.

-Veloz como el grillo by Audrey Wood. A book full of similies gives students an opportunity to see creative comparisons in Spanish.

-Las empanadas que hacia abuela by Diane Gonzales Bertrand. Abuela makes the most delicious empanadas with fresh pumpkins and the help of her grandchildren.

-Cumpleaños en el Barrio by Mayra Lazara Doyle. Chavi and her friend Rosario gather contributions from throughout their Miami neighborhood to put together a vibrant quinceneara party.

-Huevos verdes con jamón by Dr. Seuss. A classic tale about whether green eggs and ham are likable in all sorts of crazy locations.

-¡Me encanta el fútbol! by Stephen Berg. Landon Donovan participated in the creation of this book intended to help children see the excitement of the world's favorite game through the eyes of a young boy.

-Isla by Arthur Dorros. Imagination takes flight as Rosalba hears her grandmother's tales of the Island where she grew up.

-Family, Familia by Diane Gonzales Bertrand. A familiy reunion is anything but boring when Daniel meets his extended family from Mexico and the USA.

-Un mundo nuevo by D.H. Figueredo. Weather and family are incorporated in Danilito's sweet story of immigration to a very different, but promising world.

Music Resources
Calico Spanish features excellent music that thoroughly appeals to upper elementary and middle school students. Practice key vocabulary, introduce new phrases and get actively engaged with our fast paced music.

Visual Aids
The vibrant graphics set a cheerful tone that attracts eager learners. Furthermore, the custom visuals allow teachers to easily communicate new concepts, tie the components of the curriculum together, and help students make connections between written and vocalized words.


Calico Spanish Flashcards
Custom flash cards feature wonderful artwork to post on the bulletin board, use in games and assist in presenting new concepts. Includes family, jobs in the community, opposites, conjugation of verbs, verb phrases and pronouns.


The colorful Calico Spanish posters provide writing and speaking support to students with colorful graphics and labels.

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Mi rutina

Mi familia

La comida

La comunidad

Celebraciones y tradiciones
(Celebrations and Traditions)

Estaciones y el clima
(Seasons and Climate)

The beauty of a complete, all-encompassing curriculum is that key elements are integrated together. Every lesson presents new
concepts and vocabulary. The new phrases and words are reiterated throughout the units in games, songs and activities to
reinforce the language connections.



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How we align to
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See how Accelerate for Schools is aligned to the ACTFL “Five C’s”.


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