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See More Smiles and Hear More Spanish in Your K-5 Classrooms

Calico Spanish's programs are designed to fit the needs of every World Language program.

I'm a Regular Classroom Teacher

We recommend Stories for Schools, which can be taught by non-Spanish speakers.

Discover Stories for Schools

I’m a Spanish Language Specialist

We recommend the Classic and Accelerate sets. Best taught by confident Spanish speakers.

Explore Classic and Accelerate

Stories for Schools

Comprehensive Video-based Curriculum

Calico Stories connects learners with all of the tools they need to learn real Spanish, even without a Spanish-speaking teacher

Stories is a brain-based, research-based approach to early language learning. Our video-based program has three progressive levels to take your elementary school students on a journey from complete beginner to communicating with real-world Spanish! It also gives instructors an incredible foundation for teaching Spanish. This video-based curriculum was created and structured by teachers so that students would have the opportunity to learn Spanish in an immersion environment.

Easy-to-understand video stories

full of engaging, comprehensible, real-world Spanish

Full-color Activity Sheets

that help children use real language from the very beginning

Colorful flashcards, posters, and storybooks

for variety in course content

Clear directions for students and teachers

on every part of every lesson

Fun, energetic music videos to get kids moving and

singing in Spanish

Training and support available

throughout your Spanish journey from our experienced team

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Classic for Schools

Comprehensive Immersion Curriculum

Focus on communication with a Spanish curriculum that engages the whole class.

Calico Spanish gives instructors an incredible foundation for teaching Spanish. The curriculum was structured by teachers so that students have the opportunity to learn Spanish in an immersion environment.

Children absorb the language through observing gestures, visual aids, pantomime and demonstrations. They comprehend Spanish throughout various activities by using audio cues, visual aids and actions to stimulate their brains' language acquisition centers. Finally, they have the opportunity to naturally use Spanish as they engage in fun activities and sing along with our custom Mi guitarrí music resources.

Designed for language specialists with great visual aids to aid comprehension.


A complete Spanish Immersion environment

in your K-5 classrooms.

Amazing original music

that helps your students naturally use Spanish as they sing-a-long.

All-in-one learning package

with all manuals, books, visual aids and music in a single pack.

Fun, engaging activities

to get kids comfortable speaking, reading and writing Spanish.

Training and support available

throughout your Spanish journey from our experienced team.

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Accelerate for Schools

Part Two - Comprehensive Immersion Curriculum

A more advanced Spanish Immersion Curriculum with focus on literature and comprehension.

Excellent input leads to quality output. This is a foundational truth for immersion language learners and the more quality input you offer students, the more successful they will be in acquiring Spanish skills. Calico Spanish Accelerate guides teachers to use literature, music, and discussions to provide increasingly complex input via reading and listening. Students then have many opportunities to practice and expand their output abilities via writing and speaking in Spanish.

Through the use of wonderfully illustrated children’s books, lively traditional and original songs, and interactive games and activities, students explore the themes of self/daily routines, family, food, community, celebrations/traditions, and weather/seasons.

Students experience the Spanish language through reading, writing, listening, AND speaking on a daily basis in a thematic structure, giving them opportunities to build connections between concepts they have previously learned and the newly introduced ideas.

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Music for Schools

Original, engaging Spanish songs to bring fun to your lessons while developing language skills.

The Mi guitarrí for Kids Music program offers a variety of original, fun songs written and performed by a native Spanish speaker, exclusively for Calico Spanish. The full program includes a music CD, Songbook, DVD with 27 music videos. Available as individual items or as a full set, these resources are excellent for developing children's Spanish language skills.

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Why Choose Immersion Spanish for Your Classroom?

Immersion is one of the most efficient methods of learning languages and the Calico Spanish curriculum sets & unit studies are the number one choice for elementary teachers looking for a complete, interactive curriculum for kids. All of our materials are written and designed by Spanish teachers, so they give you the exact tools you want to be able to easily, and quickly, expose your students to the Spanish language. As you explore our materials, you will discover that all of our sets include extensive resources, tailored to the specific needs of Spanish teachers so that you will be equipped for success!

Our material invite students to speak Spanish with engaging music, attractive visuals, extensive resources and detailed teacher’s manuals. Students quickly pick up and recycle essential language points through gestures, visual aids, demonstrations, scaffolding techniques, repeated instructions and more. All in the target language!

Have fun as you explore our materials and you’ll soon see for yourself that we truly enable you to See More Smiles, and Hear More Spanish in your classroom!