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Our engaging cast of characters will take your children on an amazing journey of real-world scenarios in a series of fun stories that will aid their comprehension and help them learn faster. You’ll be seeing more smiles and hearing more Spanish before you know it!

This set of 11 books covers the themes:

  • Level A – I Am Special
    Meet Pedro the blue fish and Maria the yellow monkey, who will help you learn how to talk about yourself, including greetings, how old you are, how you are feeling and what you like to do.
  • Level B – I Love My Family
    Pedro and Maria introduce you to their friends Pepe the dog, Goyo the cat and Camillo the rabbit. Together you will learn about the months of the year and how to talk about your family. We’ll find out how many brothers and sisters our friends have, what their parents are like and if they have any pets.
  • Level C – I Live Here
    Goyo will take you to visit the home of his friend Rita the frog, where we meet her family and her friend Raul the mouse. You’ll learn how to talk about where you live, what your house is like and what you like to eat and drink. Plus, you’ll see our friends talk about their daily routines and when it is time to eat, play and go to bed!


These easy readers compliment the Calico Spanish Stories and Home Learning programs. Use the books alone or as a supplement to either of our easy-to-teach video programs.


Get your Storybook Bundle now!

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