Lesson 44: Costa Rica


  • Students will be able to identify and discuss important characteristics of Costa Rica’s people, climates, and geography.
  • Students will be able to make comparisons between life where they live and life in Costa Rica, including daily routines, weather, and seasons.
  • Students will use their knowledge of Costa Rica to create a guidebook or posters sharing information about this beautiful country.

Web-Based Resources:

Schools of Costa Rica


Amadita Primary School – The first private school, was founded in 1986 in Coronado, Costa Rica with the aim of providing excellent education from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade and is 100% bilingual. Though guided by the principles of the Catholic religion, the school respects the religious beliefs of the entire student population, and focuses on an educating guide toward taking on strong moral and spiritual values. Sports and art are considered a fundamental pillar in the growth and development of its student, as is the strengthening of emotional intelligence.


El Carmelo – The Carmelite Missionaries are a religious community founded by Francisco Palau in 1860, orginally existing as a community of expression of brotherhood and prophetic congregation in Menorca. To date their mission remains the same: to be a visible sign of brotherhood and prophetic expression of the Communion.


Colegio Humboldt – Founded in 1912, the Humboldt School is a bilingual institution with a comprehensive academic program, and is funded and supported by the Federal Republic of Germany. Humboldt was originally a school that emerged from necessity for the children of the German colony residing in Costa Rica. The institution has since been redesigned and expanded, establishing itself as a means for cultural integration between Latin American and the European Union.

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