Lesson 32: Los incas


  • Students will be able to discuss the cultural significance of Inti Raymi, the sun festival in Peru.
  • Students will describe the cultural impact of the Incas and discuss their architectural and agricultural accomplishments.

Web-Based Resources:

Inti Raymi

The ceremonies took place at the winter solstice, when the sun is farthest from the earth. Fearing the lack of sun and ensuing famine, the ancient Incas gathered in Cuzco to honor the Sun God and plead for his return. The celebrants presented gifts to the Inca, who in return put on a lavish banquet of meat, corn bread, chicha and coca tea as they prepared to sacrifice llamas to ensure good crops and fertile fields.


Below are videos highlighting the celebration of Inti Raymi.




Music and Instruments

Below are videos of musical performances from Peru using traditional instruments.


A concert performed by El grupo antara.


A music video demonstrating traditional music and garments.


A short video of a group called Hermanos de Betel playing traditional music for the public.

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