Lesson 26: Barrio: Los murales


  • Students will be able to identify how murals help retell stories and honor important historical figures.
  • Students will be able to identify ways the neighborhood allows José to maintain his cultural heritage.

Web-Based Resources:

Virtual Visit: Mission District, San Francisco, CA


View Larger Map

Using Google Maps Street View

The translucent text box along the top of the view displays the current street being toured.


Rotate the camera by single-clicking the arrows of the direction pad in the top-left corner of the street view. The camera can also be rotated by left-clicking and dragging the mouse around the view window.


To traverse the street, click the up and down arrows that appear in the bottom-center of the street view window when the mouse is hovering over it. Clicking on the street itself will also allow you to quickly move to that location.


The "+" and "-" zoom the camera forward and backward in whatever direction it is currently facing. The same effect can also be achieved by double-clicking the middle of the view, or by scrolling up or down while your mouse is in the middle of the view (if your mouse has a scroll wheel).


Clicking the arrows in the very bottom-right of the window will expand the street map view. Here, you can left-click and hold onto the icon of the yellow person, and drag it around the map. Dropping the icon (simply letting go of the mouse button) will zoom the street view to the new location.


Clicking the square in the very top-right corner of the window will allow you to view the map in fullscreen mode. Clicking the square in the top-right corner again (while in fullscreen mode) will switch back to windowed mode.

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