The Mi guitarri: Spanish Songs for Kids DVD 2013 edition features videos of each of the 23 songs and 4 poems from the Mi guitarrí album with fun, custom artwork and lyrics so you can follow along! The images provide vocabulary support while the subtitles give students an opportunity to develop Spanish reading skills in a friendly, fun-filled format. 100% Spanish music and lyrics!

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This Mi Guitarri DVD is one of the key components of the Calico Spanish curriculum. The captivating visuals, catchy music and written lyrics stimulate retention and language acquisition in all types of learners. These videos have been designed to enhance the teaching strategies and concepts that are introduced in the Calico Spanish curriculum. The consistent visual aids, memory cards and characters of the program are reinforced through the engaging video format. If you love the DVD, you should take a look at how the whole program could impact your student’s language learning process.

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