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A team of experts replacing “foreign” with love:for children, for stories, for cultures, for Spanish.

You want children to speak real Spanish to real people.
Meet the team who will help.

Is there a curriculum company who can finally partner with you to help your young learners speak real Spanish to real people?

Yes, welcome to Calico Spanish.

So, who are we?

Erica FischerCEO / Founder

Lives:Mt Hood, Oregon

Loves:Learning, cross-country skiing, time with family and friends, hiking

Speaks:English, Spanish, German, learning Finnish


Sara-Elizabeth CottrellCOO / Official Storyteller

Lives:Louisville, Kentucky

Loves:Teaching, linguistics, marriage (to the same guy), bilingual parenting, the woods

Speaks:English, Spanish, learning Russian


Silvina MartínezProject Manager / Chief Organizer

Lives:Córdoba, Argentina

Loves:Traveling, music, learning new things, time outdoors with family and friends

Speaks:Spanish, English, learning German


Sarah WakefieldGraphic Designer / Professional Colorer

Lives:Manchester, UK

Loves:Doing anything creative, baking, books, crisp winter mornings

Speaks:English, French, German, learning Spanish


Julia AliperIllustrator / Animator / Cartoon Genius


Loves:Visual arts, handmade things, animals, books, container gardening

Speaks:Russian, Ukrainian, English, learning Spanish

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Here’s the problem:

Teachers need quality curriculum that helps their learners acquire Spanish in real classrooms in real situations, without the expensive hype, without the political demands for content that doesn’t work, and with support across the spectrum of teachers’ Spanish ability.

Here’s the solution:

A company so committed to Spanish we put it in our name.

At Calico Spanish, we aren’t rocket science. We don’t develop for politicians. We are teachers and language learners ourselves, and we exist for one purpose: to provide teachers and children with quality Spanish learning experiences.

Our Journey


Erica wins a Congress-Bundestag scholarship to be an exchange student in Germany, giving her proficiency in German through an immersion experience.


Sara-Elizabeth’s father begins educating her at home and starts his own 5-student homeschool Spanish class


Sara-Elizabeth earns her B.A. in English Education and Spanish Education


Erica begins homeschooling her children and teaching them Spanish and German. A fruitless search for quality programs fail, so she begins to create her own; it will eventually become Calico Spanish.


A family trip to a Costa Rican language school for one month confirms Erica’s belief that a strong immersion program for children is needed.


Kids Immersion, LLC is founded and development begins in earnest on Calico Spanish Classic (Level 1).

Sara-Elizabeth earns her M.A. in Linguistics with a concentration in Second Language Acquisition, then begins teaching at a new school and finds herself in elementary classrooms for the first time.

Sarah W. earns her degree in Graphic Design.


Calico Spanish Classic is in (Level 1) beta testing.

Erica and family take a second trip to Costa Rica to further explore language learning.


Calico Spanish Classic for Homeschools is released.

Erica’s family hosts a Costa Rican elementary school teacher for 5 months at their home in Oregon.

Mi guitarrí album is researched, produced, and released

First YouTube videos are released with 7,000 views.

Sara-Elizabeth’s family begins their journey to child bilingualism with the birth of their first child.


Calico Spanish Classic (Level 1) for Schools is released.

Interactive Whiteboard Galleries and Quia activities for Classic are created.


Erica and Sara-Elizabeth team up with 2 other language teaching professionals to start #Langchat on Twitter.

Calico Spanish Accelerate for Schools is released.

Julia joins the team as Graphic Artist


Sara-Elizabeth joins the team as Curriculum Specialist.


Calico Spanish YouTube videos surpass 1 million views.

Sarah W. joins the Calico Spanish team in Graphic Design.

Silvina Martínez joins the team in project management.


Stories Level A “I Am Special” is released.

Erica starts studying Finnish.


Stories Level B “I Love My Family” is released.


Online digital version of Stories is developed.

Stories Level C “I Live Here” is released.

Calico Spanish YouTube videos surpass 2.8 million views per year.

Sara-Elizabeth starts learning Russian.

Erica begins her Master’s in Business Competence and Entrepreneurship.

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