Cultural Resources for Level D

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Unit 1

Blog post: A week or more of working with "Vivir mi vida"

Music video for "Vivir mi vida"

Culture Capsule 1: El clima de México

Spanish-language forecast for Michoacán, México

Spanish-language description with charts on weather averages for Morelia, Michoacán

Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion (English, Math Is Fun)

Christmas commercial for store in Uruguay with beach trip giveaway

Experiment: Angle of the Sun and Seasons (English, Ducksters)

Video: Seasons and the Sun (Crash Course Kids)

Cultural inquiry: Daily rainfall amounts across Mexico

Assessment, #2: Weather forecast for Mexico from December 2017 (Use 0:55 to 2:12)

Unit 2

Pictures of partidos:

Unit 3

Using "Yo soy de..." to write poetry (Article in English)

Culture Capsule 2: Día de Muertos

Program page for the Xcaret festival

Video: "Día de los Muertos" animated short film (no language)

Video: "Día de Muertos en Pátzcuaro Michoacán" (Spanish with English captions available)

Video: "How to Make Papel Picado for Day of the Dead" (English captions, Happythought)

Free download: Papel picado templates (

Recipe and directions: Making calaveras (English,

Video: "Understanding Mexicans: Día de Muertos" (English, religious and worldview discussion included)

Unit 4

Song video "A mi burro le duele la cabeza" (turn on captions); Another version ; Resources from Spanish Mama

Unit 5

Song video Juan Luis Guerra "Ojalá que llueva café"

Teacher resources for "Ojalá que llueva café"

Culture Capsule 3

Official government site: Reserva de la Biosfera Mariposa Monarca (Spanish), also information and map of migration patterns

Maps, photos, entrance information: Mariposa Monarca, 5 Santuarios en Michoacán y en el Estado de México (México desconocido)

Website: La mariposa monarca (Spanish, National Geographic)

Resources: Journey North maps, charts, facts and more (English)

Infographic: The Great Monarch Migration (English)

Video: "'Migrant' monarch butterflies arrive in Mexico for winter" (English/Spanish, AFP News)

Infographic: The Monarch Butterfly

Slideshow: Día de muertos and the monarch migration ( Spanish or English slideshow from a school in Angangueo, the town that inspired the setting for Level D)

Website: Lake Pátzcuaro tourism site with information on the butterflies and the Angangueo festival (English or Spanish)

Website: Things you can do (English, U.S. Forest Service, with teacher & student resources)

Website: Current state of the monarch butterfly population (

Website: How to raise monarch butterflies at home (English, Save Our Monarchs)

Unit 7

Recipe for huaraches

The globos de cantoya are named after a person, Joaquín de la Cantolla y Rico, a Mexican who popularized hot air balloons in his country in the 1860’s. The balloons named after him are made today by connecting pieces of tissue paper and using heat to set them afloat. Some balloons are made with thousands of pieces of tissue paper! These globos are now a fun and festive part of many festivals in Mexico. Resources:

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