Culture Capsule Resources

Stories level C


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Lesson 4 links


Spanish-language television program schedules for children:
TV Guía
Once Niños


Pocoyó episodes particularly comprehensible for Level C learners: 
¿Dónde está Pocoyó?
Help the narrator find Pocoyó as he plays al escondite.
¡Adelante, Pocoyó!
In the second episode in this video, Pocoyó wants to learn how to saltar con una cuerda.
Un cachorro cariñoso
What will happen when Pocoyó discovers a perro de juguete?
Restaurante Pocoyó
Pocoyó and Elly decide to jugar al restaurante.


Resource for Lesson 7


How to fold a minibook


Resources for Lesson 8


Decorations of children’s bedrooms (Note that this website uses habitación and dormitorio for “bedroom.”)
Children visiting a museum in Argentina
Coloring page of objects inside a house
Click “Galería de imágenes” on the website of the Hotel del Juguete in Spain.


Game-related links


An example of playing Doña Ana:
Suggestions for communicative uses of Matamoscas game:


Culture Capsules


Home Is Where the Heart Is
Infographic, percentage of families living without proper housing
Housing classifieds, San José Costa Rica
Housing classifieds, Aguascalientes, México
Magazine, readers share their house photos with house magazine in Spain
House for sale in Cuenca (advertisement in assessment)


Let’s Eat!
Blog post, Guide to tropical fruits of Latin America
McDonald’s Mexico and McDonald’s Chile
Article “Offal-ly Good”
Video + recipe, tongue tacos
Commercial: Coca-Cola’s anti-obesity marketing for the “magic pill” to get thin; Commercial for the “new elevator” in their continuing campaign against being sedentary


Disney España’s video of “Libre soy,” the Spanish version of “Let It Go”
Univisión channel WXTV’s schedule for noting times and teams of soccer games
Episodes of El Chavo Animado on YouTube.
Univisión Deportes: (Click the icon for “Univisión Deportes” in the set of station icons)
Amazon Spain’s toy and game department
Full episodes of Peppa Pig on YouTube
Once Niños programming (click Programación)


¿Qué hora es?
Graphic of European schedules for interpretive cultural performance assessment
Reference: Summary of Edward T. Hall’s time dimensions
Cinema in Nicaragua using 12-hour time
Cines Verde Barcelona kids showings in 24-hour time

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