Culture Capsule Resources

Stories level B






What do animals say in other languages:


Special Days


American Catholic calendar of saints’ feast days:


Video of Pedro Infante singing “Las mañanitas” in the movie “Nosotros los pobres”:


Recipe for tres leches cake:


How to make a piñata:


Families: Two Surnames?


Why two last names?:


Hispanic names among the most common:


Community Activities


The Everything Kids Soccer Book:


Official World Cup Website:


Women’s World Cup:


US national team website:


Highlights from the 2014 tie USA v. Mexico:


Norteño music: Los Tigres del Norte,”Qué tal si eres tú”:


Tropical music: Juan Luis Guerra with Enrique Iglesias, “Cuando me enamoro”:


Pop music: Jesse y Joy, “Adiós”:


Movie theatre, San Luis Potosí, México:


Movie theatre guide, Buenos Aires, Argentina:


A Family, a Community


Importance of grandparents:


Hispanic culture:




Go South America – Cuy: A Traditional Andean Entrée:


Macaw, National Geographic:


Listening Resources


The following resources will help your students practice using the verb gustar.


A mí me gusta la fruta” chant –



Karaoke video for song “Me gustas tú” by Luis Fonsi –



Alejandra tells us what she likes and doesn’t like:

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