The Mega pack includes:

  • 6 posters
  • 3 Storybooks
  • 80 Flash Cards
  • 1 Teacher’s Guide
  • 1 Student Activities book

The Level A Poster set is a visual reinforcement to help your children put the words and phrases they see and hear in the lessons into context, and associate them with their Spanish spellings. The Poster set includes…

  • Six original posters related to each lesson to reinforce content
  • Includes Spanish words and phrases and concepts to help children improve comprehension
  • Posters measure 11″ by 17″

The Level A Storybooks “I Am Special” are a set of three original Storybooks that were written and illustrated to reinforce all of the Level A material through the use of an additional storyline. The Storybook set…

  • Includes soft cover, full color printed copies of the three Storybook videos that are on the DVD
  • Helps your children put the material they see and hear in the other parts of the lessons into a new context
  • Broadens children’s understanding of the language and teaches them how to use it in more situations

The Level A Flashcard set helps reinforce the language that is introduced and learned in every lesson. The set includes…

  • 80 original flashcards related to the Level A content
  • Flashcards include words, phrases and concepts in Spanish with related images
  • Each card has the corresponding English translation on the back
  • Cards measure 4in by 4in in diameter

The Teacher’s Guide for Level A comes with detailed lesson plans for each day of learning, ready to use at your fingertips. It leads you through each step of every lesson so that you can direct your children to the next activity. The Teacher’s Guide includes…

  • 93 individual lessons that last 25-30 minutes each
  • An overview of the learning goals for each 10-day learning session
  • Step-by-step instructions for when and how to use each resource
  • Effortless preparation makes leading each lesson fun and easy
  • Spiral bound, soft cover printed in full color

The Student Activities Book for Level A contains all of the content for each interactive ‘student activity’ portion of every lesson in Level A. The activities reinforce the Spanish concepts, vocabulary and language used in the videos, music, dialogues, etc.. It includes:

  • Worksheets, culture capsules, and games.
  • Song lyric sheets, a blank calendar, maps, and much more.
  • Designed to be used 1 per child, each book is spiral bound.

*Created and printed in the USA in small batches

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