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by Erica Fischer on Nov 13, 2014

Level 1 In Action!

Calico Spanish Level 1 in Action in a SLD!

Cindy and Her Students Loved Calico Spanish!

“When I first saw the Calico Spanish curriculum I got really excited because it’s a product that Spanish language teachers are desperate for. It uses excellent Spanish so I don’t have to make grammar corrections to the resources. It is Spanish, not Spanglish nor Spanish taught in English. It’s so fun and so well integrated!”Cindy Colyer, Spanish teacher

Maestra Cindy was given the opportunity to use Calico Spanish with kids who were struggling in their daily Spanish Language Development class. Cindy’s new students had been grouped into a class with children who spent 50% of their day learning Spanish in a dual-language program. The dual-language kids were far ahead in their Spanish skills, but Cindy’s small group of students were intimidated by the Spanish language. Their discomfort with the language caused them to be restless, noisy and distracting to their peers. Their affective filters inhibited them from being able to learn anything and made the Spanish Language Development class a challenging 30-minute block for the classroom teacher.

Using Calico Spanish, Maestra Cindy quickly saw drastic changes in the students’ behavior and language comfort. Within 5 days of using Calico Spanish during the same 30-minute language development block, these once “distracted and off-task students” were excited and eager to use their Spanish skills.

They came into class singing the Mi guitarrí songs before Maestra Cindy even had them in the Spanish area ready to begin their lesson. They were thrilled to make language connections, even though she was speaking to them only in Spanish. They understood an amazing amount of what she was saying and quickly picked up for themselves little bits and pieces of the language.

Best of all, when these students returned to their regular classroom with the advanced dual-language kids, they had become so confident and comfortable with Spanish, they were eager to teach their classmates the songs they had learned from Calico Spanish. Their classroom teacher reported that the students were thereafter excited to use their acquired Spanish skills in and out of the classroom. Maestra Cindy’s knows that when students truly engage with the language they learn it. With Calico Spanish, she and her students got to “experience, create and play with the language” and they definitely acquired new Spanish skills as a result of this well crafted program.

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Erica Fischer
Erica is the founder and CEO of Calico Spanish. Her passion for teaching her own children to speak Spanish led her to create Calico Spanish. Our mission is to give all children the opportunity to learn to speak real Spanish for life.

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