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by Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell on Mar 6, 2020

In the face of COVID-19, can Calico support your Spanish learners at home?

This week, Northshore School District in Washington announced that all school sites were closing for up to 2 weeks as that area of the country tries to keep people safe as they face the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.

All school sites closing

In December we were starting to talk about a mysterious flu-like virus in China, and now three months later here we are – millions of people told to work from home, thousands of students home when they expected to be at school, learning. It’s undeniably chaotic, but when Northshore’s absentee rate hit 20% and at least 16% of their staff fell into categories of people told by public health officials to self-quarantine, the superintendent felt she had no choice.

Supporting spanish learners at home in the face of covid-19

At Calico, we want to be sure you have the support you need if your school is asking you to establish plans for at-home learning or worse, your school has already closed. We’re not exactly sure what the needs are – everyone seems to be scrambling to build this plane as it flies – but we’d love to brainstorm it with you.

First, remember our games and videos page is available all the time, with no login required and no external ads. Share the link with your families and encourage them to play and sing from home. For teachers who already have a Calico Spanish Stories account, you know that your login is the only way children can see the Video Story that forms the core of each unit. If it would help you for children to be able to see a particular Video Story at home, reach out to us and let us know and we can make that video publicly available on Vimeo for you. You can also download the PDF of flashcards, Activity Sheets, and more related to your current unit and post them on your learning management system like Schoology or Edmodo, as long as the site is private to your school/class.

If you’re caught in the emergency of COVID school closures and don’t have a Stories account, still reach out to us.  We want to help you figure out how to keep your early language learners moving forward at home- temporary complimentary access to Stories may be just what you need to help you and your learners make progress even in the face of COVID-19.

Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell
Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell is a homeschool mom of three bilingual children. She’s also a Spanish teacher and the COO and chief storyteller for Calico Spanish.

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