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Do our videos lead to smiles and learning?

Over and over teachers and parents tell us that students love the Calico Spanish music, videos, and visuals. When Calico Spanish is a part of your class, you'll see more smiles. You can also expect to hear students use more and more Spanish spontaneously. 

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Take the success of our videos to the next step and cement learning with a cloze activity for Hola a todos, a mini-book for Colores, colores, and a map exercise for ¿De dónde eres tú?.

5 Ways Our Videos Will Lead to learning

  • Music and movement are natural partners. Get your students up and moving easily with excellent music.

  • Easily develop Spanish literacy through lyrics by providing them to students to view as they listen to the songs you sing. You’ll find student-friendly lyric pages in each of the song activity packs.

  • Create predictable patterns and routines by starting and ending each lesson with Calico Spanish videos.

  • Provide comfort and culture daily. Calico Spanish creates a safe, low-stress environment with the rhythms and visuals in our music collection. We also effortlessly share authentic Spanish sounds and culture with students. 

  • How would you like to provide repetition that is not redundantOur free activity packs will give you a taste of what is possible when you put high-interest Calico Spanish videos and activities at the center of your Spanish classes. 

Our videos have been viewed over 6.2 million times. 

Now you can have exclusive access to lyrics and activities to share with your students. Don't miss your chance to make the most of our free resources. 

About Calico Spanish

Calico Spanish provides a range of resources to ensure kids have opportunities to learn Spanish through fun-filled lessons. Get started easily with our music and videos. Move up to our full-featured curriculum packages for both schools and families to enjoy the full benefits of the Calico Spanish resources.

In our curriculum packages, you will discover a range of strategies that cater to your students’ particular learning needs to foster comprehension and communication. Children absorb language through observing  gestures, visual aids, pantomime, and demonstrations. They comprehend more through audio cues, visual aids, and movement.

Finally, they have the opportunity to naturally communicate in Spanish as they engage in fun activities and sing along with our much-loved music resources.

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What our customers are saying...

  • I recently purchased the whole set of Mi Guitarrí and LOVE IT!!! 

    Peggy T., Florida

  • Using the songs as the main part of the lesson, brought an air of magic to the room.  I heard whispers among the learners, "Does she speak English?"  Then it transitioned to the learners singing and dancing along with the music.  As I asked questions related to the songs, they were able to understand and participate. Seriously, I can't say enough about Calico Spanish.  It has really inspired me to be creative!

    Jessica P., Kentucky

  • I love, love, love Calico Spanish!

    Julie E., North Carolina

  • My elementary students and I love the Calico Spanish music.

    Janet S., Maryland

  • I want my students to see that Spanish is used for everything, not just in the classroom. There is nothing else out there that teaches kids Spanish so well.

    Candice M., Illinios

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